Plays of light and shadows! Unusual in ordinary!

in life •  last year 

My tomatoes ...


grow near pumpkin and gathering my tomatoes' harvest ...


I have noticed that buds of a pumpkin are unusual in sunlight!


They are very shaggy and it is possible to see every villi!


My rose looks like a little bit extraordinary thanks to lighting too!


Verily the play of light and shadows transforms ordinary to unusual!

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Beautiful photos!
Oh, why are you teasing me :-)))
yours fresh and delicious tomatoes!
I tried several times to grow from seeds of different kinds of tomatoes and peppers - and nothing I did not work :-(
So, I'm flying to you to eat your vegetables!

Welcome and thank you for your excellent reply!
I guess that the quality of seeds is the cause of your difficulties. Good seeds - good result :D

Thank you!
I hope that this is the fault of the seeds.
I will try to sow the seeds yet.

Most things are better under sunlight! Except maybe your phone screen or laptop screen. Can't see what's being displayed under the sun :p

Fully agree with you! Sun and screens aren't friends :D Thanks a lot that you noticed it!



i wonder how big is your garden... like so many different plants, veg growing in it

Diversification is a key rule of every agrarian. Any case a harvest will be :-) Therefore I have so many plants! Thanks a lot for your kind reply!

haha remind me of geo lesson crops rotation