To Smell The Dust Of Goats, To See Herd Children Happy, To Hear The Thunderous Hooves Of The Worlds Most Famous Wildebeest Migration. That Is The Masaai Mara To Me.

in life •  3 years ago  (edited)

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Good picture, when have you been in kenya?

I've been to the Central Highlands and Laikipia and hiked Mt Kenya. All Scotsmen must visit all other worldly Highland regions :)

P.S. My favourite Highlands are those in Sri Lanka- - they truly beat my own for inner peace.

Oh, I've been in Sri Lanca too, but for one day only, on a cruise stop in 1998

The Central Highland tea stations of Ceylon are a beauty to behold.

Masaai child goat herder.

(Nr Laikipia)