ULOG #7 | Reinvent Yourself Is Know Yourself Better

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This post is a traduction of this post.

I'm studying HTML and CSS to develop Web pages. Since a friend told me how much fun it seemed to develop stuff several months ago, began to catch my attention the issue. However, I never imagined that I would be dedicating about 4 hours a day, learning, practicing, striving to understand all the complexities involved, and thus get the skills required to develop a website.

My friend, who told me how much fun it was to schedule, months later he found a job as a programmer in a good company. His good salary has turned his life quiality of inmigrant into a middle-class. That did not surprise me very much, I knew that the developers were quite quoted around the world and that the demand is so high that it doesn't matter if you have a degree, as long as you have the skills to do the job. What surprised me was when he said to me: -Listen to me, do this and this course and then write me again. Let me be your guide in the freelance world. I went from making three to four proposals to get some work as a daily editor-(without getting any yes yet), to have the possibility of being happily underpaid (compared to a programmer living in a developed country) doing web pages. The possibility, however insecure it may seem, is more than what I have right now to get out of the economic crisis, so I clung to it with strength and completely trust my brain and its ability to learn well and quickly.

My programmer friend, he's not a programmer, he's a psychologist. A graduate one of the Universidad Central de Venezuela, he specialized in behavioral sciences as one of the most outstanding students of his cohort. Despite such earful credentials, his work in the country that welcomed him as an immigrant was to call people in a CallCenter to sell them electronic products. 10 hours a day sitting in front of a computer and a phone, for a pretty miserable salary.

And that is the reality of the immigrant, so is the reality of the venezuelan in general. The one who left, learns to do chores he never thought he could have done in his country, and the one who stays, learns to do new chores to survive.

This situation that has broken us, has forced us to let go of ourselves, to uproot our roots and to grow in other places. It has taken away everything we thought we knew about ourselves and it has forced us to reinvent ourselves.

Reinvent Yourself Is Know Yourself Better

It's paradox, but it doesn't stop being less real. Life is full of paradoxes. We ourselves are paradoxical, contradictory, dynamic, dissimilar beings. We grow, study, graduate to get a social label that we were told to keep high all the time, because "that's what makes us be someone in life." Being forced to release that label and take a shovel and broom, a taxi, a beak and a shovel, is to assume the paradox of life.

Someday I'll read all these texts and I'll be amazed at how much I've advanced. When that happens, maybe I'll be playing in an orchestra, having my own group folk-Venezuelan music, developing or teaching at a music school. I don't know, I just know that I'll still be Miguel, getting healthier and more self-know.

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