My Lovely Children - Mikhail and Mikele :D

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Hello Steemit World! Hi to all Steemians out there! :D

I would like to share some of my children's activity that they did yesterday. Mikhail and Mikele had their different styles of each of their talents. They always play every time they thought pf a thing that both of them wanted to do but, sometimes, they fight and argue about some simple things that kids normal do. But, they are very cute when they argue of something LOL! :D

Now, let's go see what did they do yesterday with me as what I called myself, The Pacifier Hahaha! :D

Then they woke in the morning, I did bathe them and prepared their food as what I'm doing everyday on my 11 days vacation. I am the one who's taking care of them because these days are the days that I'm with them full-time :D
Mikele went out with his mom @thidaratapple to buy something at the department store while Mikhail was at hime with me to do his homework.

The first thing that Mikhail had done was from her mom's Math subject. He did it well about telling time in Thai language :D

The next thing that Mikhail did was about Math again from his mom @thidaratapple.

This lesson was all about grams and kilograms conversion in Thai language. Nice! :D

And next up was from me, this lesson was all about vocabulary words.

This words were all about the things that go. Vehicles that humans.
In this lesson from me, I let him spell the words while writing it in his notebook. He took 30 minutes writing those words because I told him that he would have a spelling dictation from me.
When he's done writing the words, I told him to memorize the words and I gave him 10 minutes to remember it.
After 10 minute of memorizing the words, we had done the dictation properly and we took almost an hour doing the spelling dictation because I told him that if he say a bit mistake, he would start all over again Haha! :D
Things That Move Words Spelling Dictation

  • car
  • truck
  • motorcycle
  • bicycle
  • trike
  • tractor
  • digger
  • taxi
  • train
  • tram
  • ambulance
  • plane
  • helicopter
  • bus
  • kayak
  • scooter
  • boat

After his dictation, he had his 1 hour break and he did what he wanted to do :D
Then I took Mikhail to his swimming session at his school

Mikhail learnt his first ever swimming session last 2 years ago and we thought that he forgot the techniques and the drills on how to swim but, thank goodness he didn't forget about it :D

His swimming session yesterday took about 2 hours because he enjoyed swimming with his friends :D
The video below shows his swimming session with his instructor and also his teacher in Physical Education :D

Video From My YouTube Channel

I also took Mikhail's little bro, Mikele, yesterday at his swimming lesson because I wanted Mikele to have a different ambiance outside of our home.

He played at the playground inside their school and he had lots of fun playing there even if he plays alone. Not actually alone because I was there with him playing and teased him Lol! :D

In the video below, Mikele wanted me to help him go down even though he really knew how to go down. I like the way he looks at me when I am teasing him every day. Hahaha! Lol! :D

Video From My YouTube Channel

After Mikhail's swimming session, I let him do what he wants and enjoys the rest of the night without anything to learn about :D Good Job son!

I hope you all guys enjoyed reading and watching the videos. Have a nice day to all of you! Thank you for dropping by Steemians! :D


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Good story thank you



Woohoo! Hope you guys had fun swimming and playing!


They had enjoyed bro! As always everday! Lol! 🤣