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in life •  2 months ago

Coffee, cocoa powder and coconut oil...

Completely magical

I do a double shot of espresso, a heaping tablespoon or cocoa powder and a regular tablespoon of coconut oil.

It's my favorite way to start my day.

What is yours?

PS: it is keto friendly!

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Good morning metama...

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Wow this sounds fantastic! Coconut oil is awesome in coffee, sometimes I'll add a dash of cinnamon but haven't tried cocoa before..!


It's suppppeeerrr tasty :)

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I have a friend who uses coconut oil in his coffee. I've never done that. Does it make the coffee oily?


Slightly but I really enjoy it :)

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I try it nezt time great ideabombillo idee.gif

The coconut oil is surprisingly good....aka bulletproof coffee. I've never thought to add cocoa powder to it though, I will be trying that one tomorrow morning. Thanks and have a fantastic day!

I really like coffee with cocoa, to start the day is a good choice.