Gone Are the Days of Fashion for Me

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Hi, people of Steemit!

I've never been into fashion and trends but of course I dress up my age and try some pieces that are in fashion or at least something that is a thing for my generation. Since I got sick it has been pretty much all exhausting that none of that matters anymore, all I know is I want to be comfortable and look a bit appropriate for my events or anything I am up to. Lately, it has gotten worse and I just want to just wear clothing and pieces that would just work and that's it.

I've come to think about it and actually have a monologue with myself on to making it something permanent and so far I have not decided on my tops and bottoms because at the moment I really want to wear pajamas outside and I know it is not acceptable for most. One thing I have decided though is my footwear. At first, I wanted to wear Crocs, those typical Crocs design, but I have decided against it because something happens to me when I wear them. I think it has something to do with the material that Crocs are made of. I just suddenly become static or whatever you call that, you know when you stand next to someone and your skin rubs with theirs and there is a current that would spark and electrocute you both or something like that. It happens to me with door knobs, too. I get that ouch moment every now and then because it feels like I get an electric shock at contact with people and some metal things when I wear Crocs on.

So, I decided to permanently be wearing slides for all occassions. I do not see myself attending very formal functions now and in the near future and to be honest, even if I do, I still want to be comfortable and I want to wear slides in all of them. I would not really care what people think. Thank God for slides they are so comfortable and unproblematic, oh I just love them. I love slides so much I am disposing all my footwear and will be collecting slides from now on. I am so in love with slides right now that I think this mindset will not change in the near future. Hahaha!


Well, that is all for today, I just thought I'd share with you how my weird mind works today. I hope you are having a good one. See you around.


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