What if || we could live on venus

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Venus is nearer than mars (261 million km at furthest) has 90% of the gravity of earth and very similar size to earth, so why mars and not Venus? What if we terraformed into a inhabitable planet?

Well there are reasons why scientists chose mars instead of venus. Here are a few of its problems:

  • Its temperature, Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system (yes hotter than mercury even though mercury is nearer to the sun, Venus has more CO2 so more greenhouse effect so more heat)

  • Its atmosphere, mars may have too little, but venus has way too much at ground level it has roughly the same pressure as if you were 1 kilometer under water

  • A night/day cycle on Venus is longer than its year!

  • And its clouds are made of sulfuric acid which is highly acidic and should dissolve most metals

Firstly its temperature this is a big problem because its harder to cool a planet than it is to heat it (i would think if they could cool down Venus they could cool down earth and save it from global warming) but about 50km above its surface it is much better its a much more manageable temperature and the pressure is much better (so maybe we could live in cloud cities like in star wars) but we might actually be able to live in cloud cities since the air on Venus is mostly carbon dioxide, normal air would be able to float on Venus with about 60% of the lift helium does here on earth, making it possible to make a floating city or science outpost out of breathable air. Oh and it would have to be made of something that can withstand the sulfuric acid, and if you're thinking of it just floating along like a blimp well... Since the wind speed up there would probably be about 300 km/h it would be pretty hectic! Maybe we could cool down the planet by sapping some of its atmosphere into space or by making some sort of sun shield, or maybe ship part of its atmosphere to mars (just kidding it would be way too expensive)

If we did manage to decrease the temperature a little and wanted to live on the surface we would need a lot more water even though there are a lot of clouds, they are mostly sulfuric acid though there might be a little water in with that it would be extremely difficult to extract and colliding asteroids into the planet would probably be very expensive and time consuming but might be necessary! If we did want to terraform Venus we would have to make a more human friendly atmosphere, reduce the 450 centigrade surface temperature and as i already said change the night/day cycle, most plans for the atmosphere include freezing the carbon dioxide and introducing hydrogen or water. we might be able to live with the night/day cycle but it wouldn't be great, anyway we might be able to some how fix all those problems, but seeing as most people are more interested in mars, this is at best a long shot.

If we did manage it would be pretty cool especially if we colonized mars as well, than humans would be on three different planets!!

Imagine if we could change Venus from this
to this!

Thanks for reading!!!

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