Thursdays With Uncle Boom #47

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We have been having quite the spate of sunny weather of late and I remarked to my good friend Anulus Kenders whilst we were sipping rum in the club that perhaps we should do something.

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside!

He responded with childish enthusiasm.

The seaside you say? Hmm. Now there is a thought. Why I dare say we could take our shoes off and paddle in the water!

Oh, magnificent. I love a paddle, I really do!

Exclaimed Anulus.


If he got any more excited I feared he might get the infamous walloper out and start thrashing us with it. I made a calming gesture with my hands.

We shall do it then. Oh and Anulus?

Yes Boomy?

If you are going to persist in wearing shorts like that time in '87, make sure to roll up your purple snarler or something. It scared the daylights out the natives before, hanging down like a snake in the Jungle Book.

He looked a bit sheepish.

Ah yes. Sorry about that.

We gathered our belongings. Jackets, pipes and several bottles of hard liquor to make the journey a little more bearable.


Upon arrival, we set up a blanket right down near the front of the beach. It was a quiet spot, just a man and a boy nearby pottering about with garish plastic spades and buckets.

Once we got our pipes lit, I poured us both a few fingers of rum into some tin mugs. I took a big swallow. The sun was blazing in the sky. I considered taking my jacket off but felt it might be a little unseemly.

I raised my tin mug to Anulus.

Cheers old fellow. A man needs to step out in style in this fucking heat. It's outrageous!

Damn right you old royster doyster! Heres to us! HUZZAH!

Shouted Anulus. His face was bright red from the hot sun and possibly from the bottle of brandy we had shared on the short journey down to the beach.

We downed our drinks. Anulus took his jacket off. I gave in to the blazing heat by unbuttoning my top two buttons. I poured us some more.


Two bottles of brandy later, Anulus was singing his one of his favourite sea shanties, The Arse that Quacked. He got to the best bit, the chorus...

... She was only a penny
said her name was Jenny
She said she would empty my sacks.

So I paid up my money
But it wasn't funny
When I ran cos her arse it did quack!

We both made the required quacks at that point and laughed long and hard.


Excuse me?! Will you give it a rest please, there are bloody children about?

I looked up to see a brawny fellow standing over me holding a young boy's hand. He was in his thirties. Face like a belly wound twitching with maggots.

I peered up at him.

Oh, I am most dreadfully sorry old fellow. Was it the bit about the arse quacking?

The man's face reddened.

It's disgraceful. Look at the pair of you, smoking and drinking and swearing. This is a family beach? Get yourselves away from here or I will call the police.

I pulled myself enthusiastically to my feet and faster than he could blink, whipped my cane out and struck him soundly on the temple. He dropped like a stone. The little boy squawked in horror and ran off screaming for help.

I picked up his discarded spade.

Right Anulus, let's make this quick.


What's going on here then!?

Shouted a large sweaty policeman. He was walking toward us with the young boy in hand.

Myself and Anulus were sitting on a large hump of freshly dug sand.

What's that Officer? Is there a problem?

Yes, there is indeed. This young man says you knocked his father down with a cane?

I gave Anulus and then the Officer a puzzled look.

What father, look at the grubby little thing. He is obviously a bastard child? And a lying bastard child at that. Pass him over Officer. I dare say I could put him to work in my saltpetre mines.

The Police Officer sighed deeply.


Silly old me. It isn't the first time one of these young scamps has played a trick on me. I should have realised milord. Begging your pardon. Here you are, mind and work this lying little bastard hard down them mines.

Anulus took the boys hand before he squirmed away. He was crying and shouting about someone called Daddy.

Of course Officer and rest assured. I will work this one till he drops!

The Police Officer walked off shaking his head and muttering about the cheek of young fellows nowadays.

The boy stopped struggling and hung limply in Anulus's meaty fist. He raised his head to us.

Please sir, where is my Dad? What did you do with him?

I gave the hump of sand beside us a kick.

Young man, perhaps you will learn in time that...


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it's getting so a guy can't enjoy a jaunt to the seashore...


It is, the world is just such an irrational place!

Wow! Uncle Boom's murderous cane, it`s like Thor's hammer, a deadly weapon.
This pair of drunken delinquents walk around uncontrollably and apparently no one is able to catch them...Innocents will continue to suffer and die.

Here are the pair of misfits, drunks, playing like little girls. Justice will arrive!


Is very close although considerably less skin!!

Hehehe.Don't ever be a spoilsport. Its been a while out here, missed your blog.


Hehe, glad you could stop by :O)

Hmm, if it was so hot, why was no else except these two drunkies and a dad and kid on the beach? Where was everyone else?

Yes, I'm still around. I went to Greece (of course I had another trip!) Been following, but slack on the commenting. Don't kill me.


Who the bloody hell is this? :o)

It's funny you say that, I thought it odd that the beach was so quiet too. Perhaps it was just a quiet spot on a big beach, after all the chulid found a rozzer no bother :OD

Hope Greece was nice!

It would seem you are an accomplished smiter, and also discrete. It would be insulting to offer a gentleman of means such as yourself a job, of course, but perhaps we can interest you in an opportunity to hone your skills even further? Whisky and willing company will be provided.


How could a gentleman refuse such an offer!

Shame that gentleman like Anulus is about to join the unsung dead, while a gentleman never tells, he might drop a hint in the wrong place that could become dangerous to our much-beloved hero.
Still, it would be less shrinkage of the brandy bottle, less wear and tear on the tobacco pouch, trouble is, where to hide him.


The works is full of hiding places! Everywhere you look can be a dooket to stash a body in!!! ;0)


Alas poor Anulus, I knew him well..........

47 episode have passed from Uncle Boom, it's incredible.
The sea is a good place to drink with a friend the rum, although it is necessary to recognize that the heat added to the salt glare that tare the wind can be torrential, two bottles of rum can be little to face the inclemencies of the climate . That man will have learned not to disturb Uncle Boom when he drinks rum, how sad the officer came to doubt a gentleman, that can not be the case.
Excelnte work dear friend @meesterboom, I love how Uncle Boom turns out things
I wish you a great night


I know, 47... Is a massive number! I am so thinking of having break soon!!

Now, Uncle Boom has two witnesses to dispatch rather quickly or they will be blathering around town...


Hehe, it depends... Adobe of Boomy's friends seem to think nothing of a bit of peasant murder!!

Those silly urchins always dreaming about people called daddy and mommy, as if those string of words make sense. You gotta love children's imagination. I feel like he'll make a fine gentleman when he grows older, or at least an able body in the mines. I am in the need for a help. Are you accepting bids for the young boy, ol' chap?


Bids for the boy!? Of course! I've he had done a year or two down the mines to toughen him up a bit!! :0D




Bidding has started!!


Going once?

Down the mines? What a waste! He should have been put to work up the chimneys! It doesn't take them long before they grow too big to fit up the bloody things! lol peasants, pah! xD


Exactly, the chimneys are too variable. Plenty of room down the mines for years to come!

I felt sorry for the boy that his father was buried alive by meesterboom and your friend Anulus. The boy will grow up to learn the ways of you two as the Successor! Upvoted!


If he doesn't die down the mines that is!

Wonderfull picture


Shall I flag you for being a bot?