Thunder Beers!!

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Can you feel it in the air?? The thunder is coming!! And I don't mean that I have eaten a kebab... No. Real thunder!

We have been ridiculously blessed for the last couple of weeks with hot sunny days like we used to have before global warming but today the storms came! Which almost ruined my al-fresco review plans.

Or did it?

No! Smell yer maw, Thunder God!!!

It's boiling hot despite the rain, so I will drink outside anyway.

This week because of the heat I thought I would keep it light, pale and funky. So what do we have?


Excitement! I am very fond of Magic Rock Brewing, they are the ones who came up with the amazing Salty Kiss. Incidentally, my mate @wisbeech thinks it is rubbish. Lol!

Anyway, enough digression!!


A fine looking wee chappy. Pleased to meet you my golden little man!! Would you like to slip into something more comfortable?... Like my mouth!

Oh go on.

It's very good. It's not a wheat beer, yet has hints of wheat and grassy citrus. It's very drinkable. Fizzy and tasty and more-ish. It looks like Magic Rock have done it again! 8/10 booms!

It feels like them crazy cats will never let me down.



Oh my, oh my. Have these plucky chaps at The Wild Beer Company got something to prove and no mistake.

I think the last two beers I have had from them have been frankly shit. I am a gracious man however and always ready to give a kicked dog a chance to get up and bite me.

So come on puppy, bite me, I dare ya!!


Oh dear. It looks a little insipid. Am I being harsh? Well, no. It looks like piss.

It wouldn't be the first time I have galloped a load of that down so here we go!!


It's kind of like a beer that my mum would offer me when I am round at her house. She would say, Would you like a wee beer son?

That would be lovely.

I would say.

Then have to drink some odd slop that she would later tell me was reduced in the supermarket and was out of date by six months.

So it's like that. It's pale, and watery. With a bit of a beer like fizz. My belly feels a bit acid'y after it. Boo, hiss, 3/10 booms.

Well that was braw. I am going to drink some more beers in the rain!

Have a good weekend everyone!!



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Nothing like a beer in the hot weather. Me, I don't know a good beer from a bad one, but I do enjoy a beer shandy in the summer around a barbecue with a bunch of friends.


I love a beer or two with a barbeque and friends Its a great thing in the summer!

I like a good cold beer on a day when it as hot as Diablo's Inferno! But having a beer in the rain is only cool if the water doesn't dilute the beer! Now Dancing Bear sounds like a beer of my liking. But Pogo?! What were you expecting with a name like that and insipid ingredients like passion fruit, orange and guava? More like a fruity cocktail served in those posh garden parties! Have a great weekend Boom! But remember the hair of the dog!


I will never forget the hair of the dog! I hope you have a cracker as well!

I should ave known looking at those but had a hope!


Hope springs eternal...


A wise man once said, without hope, we are humped.


And that could have oh so many meanings...LOL


Hehe, most definitely!! :OD

Yes!!! It’s saturda and that means beer!!! 🍺So sad that your second beer was so piss poor. I hope you had more of that first beer to wash the crappy taste out of your mouth. The good lady bought me a beer last week for my birthday that was putrid. I struggled to drink the whole thing but I made it. It tastes like a batch of home brew gone bad! As bad as it was I finished it because I will never condone wasting alcohol. I deserved a medal for that one.


Hehe, you do deserve a medal for that one. I have forced myself to finish some bad ones sometimes but think nothing of cutting my losses these days if they are awful!!

Man, the Wild Beer Company should be put out to pasture. It had that wow factor of an awesome logo going for it during its debut, then the redemption story for it's second go-around. But, now, it's just sad. Fool Boom once, what is up? Fool Boom twice, up your chuff. Fool Boom thrice, time to go bankrupt.


I simply could not put it any better!!!

You are very brave to risk your life trying those beer lol XD hope you also have a happy weekend


I have been said to be a daredevil!!

hahaa i like the Dancing Bear can..reminds me of PacMan lol...have a beery good weekend!


Lol, its totally like pacman! I will and I hope you do too!!

Hot salty potatoes? Yum! Haha!! I love it when you make videos!


Lol, I have no idea where that came from, I would probably script them!!

one winner one loser, oh well, at least we got 2 videos on this post! I have been having a decent run with beers of late, the last three were pretty good, you should check them out.


Ha, I already had!!!

Two videos! I ordered a selfie stick so they would be easier :0D

Well @meesterbom, your face when drinking the beer Pogo reminded me when a baby drink a bottle with lemon juice:

Around here, north of Suramèrica, very hot and with a lot of sun ... I think I'm going to have a glass of cold tamarind juice. Cheers

"Neither pigs like this tamarind juice!"


Good old lemon face!! A big cheers to you too!

Dude, when are you going to teach mimic classes?? :D

Beer is perfect before thunder, because running inside the house when it starts to pour is easy with a big glass like that hehee


Never, I keep my skillz hidden ;0)

It was quite atmospheric before the rain became mental! how does our Mr Boom know what piss tastes like i

upvoted and resteemed


A man in the pub told me ;0)

What's boiling hot for a Scot?


A gigantic 24 degrees!!! It was insane, the STREETS WERE MELTING!

Drink some more to reduce acidity 😆☺ @meesterboom


Ha that is a good point, I am on it :O)

Hi @meesterboom. Your Post has been on votes by @votingpower 16%. Wait to 100% on Next day.

Drink some more to reduce acidity 😆☺ @meesterboom

Nothing like a beer in the hot weather. Me, I don't know a good beer from a bad one, but I do enjoy a beer shandy in the summer around a barbecue with a bunch of friends.

Woww... Best post my friend