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RE: Dear Friends, Fans, and Followers: Where Will You Be?

in #life2 years ago

Aye, I could have written this myself.

Where will the eyes be? On Hive by the looks of it. But will anyone else's eyes in the outside world be there? I dunno.

I will take a chance. I will post something there, might just curate. Still not sure. I still don't feel ready to give up on steem. Things arent that different on Hive. Not yet. In fact. I see a lot of the shouty trouble causers from here being now the heros of Hive.

Hmm. Still dunno


That's a big problem. The outside eyes. I don't want to be in a bubble sold to me as a safe space.

And yes, some of those folks are emotionally unstable and somewhat socially stunted at times. It takes all types to make up a community.

If it's just a place for a clique to have fun while everyone else is just nice so maybe they'll get a vote on their post someday, then there's no point in being there. Unfortunately I'm expecting to see professionalism and a place that cherishes the true potential of what Steem once was. I say unfortunately because I feel I'll be let down. I want to be wrong.

I think you are right.

However I did just see a post by the markymark there which has given me pause for thought. Cant stay here after seeing that.

Have you seen it?

Unfortunately I still think the place we will be moving to will be as you have desribed above. I will do a tester post and if it just bounces in the wind I might just curate. Sigh, so much effort gone to pot

That's it.

Goddammit. I expected that to happen. I touched on it briefly with my Decentralization and Toilet Paper post. I can't be on Steem now if they're censoring content. I talked about this a little bit with @freebornangel in the comments here as well.

So I'm noticing a pattern. What I fear could happen often turns into reality. All the years you've known me, how many times have I hit the nail on the head.

So yeah, fuck. I want to be really fucking wrong about Hive. I don't want history to repeat itself. If I'm to invest time in anything, it has to be done right the first time. This Steem nonsense caught us all off guard. With only one chance to get things right, that makes it really easy to fuck it up. Some folks will want to fork away from Hive if they don't get their act together straight out of the gates. This could turn into Tribes. Small little groups that nobody really pays attention to anymore. Not good. I wonder if they'll listen to the people with ideas or simply act like know-it-alls...

You have been right in the past. We have seen a lot of these things coming.

This thing you are saying has the ring of truth as well unfortunately. If people don't like Hive they will fork off, and fork off. An ever decreasing circle of consumers. If there are many consumers in the circle to begin with.

But aye. Can't stay where censorship happens. Just not on at all!

My response is in my new post.

I shall be looking. Kids bed first but I will be back!

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