A 3 Law Approach to Understanding Human Behaviour & Conduct

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1. Human Law

Human Law is basically built from two things: Moral Code and the collective cultural beliefs of the era that you find yourself in.

We use Human Law all the time to try to understand our position in the Universe and figure out how we should behave in it. But what happens when we land outside of Human Law, how do we cope? Then we need to look at Natures Law but first let us understand Human Law in the context we mean to discuss it here.

Take the act killing someone. Most of us struggle with the idea of doing it, or being involved in it in some way and that is fine. We consider this behaviour uncivilised, but there is a problem in that. By defining ourselves as civilised beings, we then have to explain how we came to be civilised, and since lots of killing was involved to achieve it, how do we justify that in our own minds and collectively. So, to do that we have to fall back on Moral Codes and the collective cultural belief of the era. i.e. Human Law.

Collectively, we are told it is fine to kill if it is done to protect the country, culture or species. We all can accept that. So we now have this Human Law that has a few provisos where it will allow us to kill, or more commonly allows us to let others kill on our behalf, and we can sleep at night happy without being concerned about our culpability in that act. This is how Human Law functions to allow us to actually all collectively lie to ourselves about the truth of things, and from that we create the collective Narrative that we all live by without being concerned about our behaviour, and we can get on.

But what happens when someone breaks into your home and starts to rape your child and you smash them over the head with a chair and kill them? Or you take some medication that turns you totally nuts when you drink, and you get in a fight at the pub and punch someone in the face and they hit the curb and die? Anything where you broke the code of Human Law that we all live by, and then had to explain it first to yourself, and then explain it to another person, or to the Police.

How do you explain this behaviour? And to yourself as much as to the law courts that will, in many cases, give you a prison sentence for behaving in this way, and yet would have given you a medal if you have done it under other circumstances that suited Human Law at that time. How do we deal with this hypocrisy in civilised humans? Many people are faced with this question every day and the truth is the rest of society does not care, it would rather lock you up if you break Human Law than face it’s own hypocrisy around it.

The point I am trying to make here is that, fundamentally we can see that Human Law alone is not enough to understand the universe we find ourselves in, it is a false Law, subjective. We all feel bound by Human Law, and we can all collectively agree about its boundaries, and that is fine until something goes awry in our lives. Consciously or unconsciously we have all taken on the Moral Codes it implies, and the collective cultural beliefs of our era.

But what happens when our world breaks down, we cross a line, and we can no longer fall back on Human Law to explain our behaviour to ourselves? We then have a meltdown and are probably on the run from other humans at the same time. Regardless of how our culture reacts to whatever we did to break the Human Law of our time, we need to survive ourselves first, and we need to have a way to explain our behaviour to our own sense of conscience, why we did what we did and why it is OK that we did what we did.

Human Law is actually a myth, it is subjective, and the Government bend it all the time when using it to maintain order, and to force situations but we as individuals are not permitted to. When you look at it honestly, the fact remains that Human Law is not the Truth at all, it is a lie imposed to keep order, and we all buy into it, agree to it, but are also enslaved by it. We all remain contentedly asleep to this fact, unless something happens to wake us up to it.

In order to understand the Truth of things better, and in order to understand how to cope if we ever fall foul of Human Law ourselves, we need to look at the Law that expands upon it, and that, is Natures Law

2. Nature's Law

Did you know that ducks are orgiastic necrophiliacs and we do not know why they do it, they will gang bang a dead duck. Bears also will kill other bears and then fuck afterwards as if the act itself has excited them to sex. In fact, in Nature there are many similar behaviours that completely smash Human Law, and as civilised beings we react aghast when we hear about these acts, and yet every single day humans, just like us, are committing these atrocities too, and our Newspapers are full of these tales.

Interestingly we also go out of our way to hear about these stories every day from our friends, news and social media sites. We love the drama of others falling foul of Human Law and TV series are built on it. Certainly, we say we are disgusted by behaviour that breaks Human Law, and yet at the same time we are fascinated by it, drawn to it like moths to a flame, and we want to know more but not to get too close.

We are all well trained to behave according to Human Law and yet some part of ourselves knows full well that in reading about many dramas we can say that, “there but for the grace of god, go I.” And yet in a funny way we dream of breaking it and getting away with it. Human Law actually feels really stifling and boring because it is. And more than that, for many of us, if we thought we could get away with it, we would probably do a lot of those things ourselves, and sometimes life pushes us to this extreme anyway.

So Human Law is literally a precipitous edge we all live along, and many of us at some point in our lives, fall off it because it really does not take that much, we drink too much we take drugs and then we go mad and behave outrageously. When we do, we need a way to explain that to ourselves, and Nature’s Law can do just that.

So the problem really is that when we ourselves fall outside Human Law, or break it’s rule in some way, how do we then explain this to ourselves so that we can continue to function without falling foul of our own mindset or twisting ourselves out of shape? Understanding how Human Law is just a subjective code of conduct and not The Truth is the first step, and then recognising that we are also bound to Nature’s Law in exactly the same way animals are, is the next step.

Firstly, why is this relevant? Well, because a large part of every human being is still very much an animal and has animal drives and hungers that we try to suppress. Every human being is capable of murder, and other heinous behaviours that fall foul of Human Law, this is especially true of our sexual proclivities. All these things are not explained, nor often permitted, by Human Law, and this leaves us confused in the midst of the Universe we find ourselves in, when trying to understand our own behaviour, or another person’s. But in these areas actually Natures Law can help us out and can help us explain it, and put it into the correct box so we do not lose our minds when it happens.

So what is Nature’s Law?

Nature’s Law has less rules around sex and death than Human Law does, in fact it has none. Nature does not care if you fuck a dead duck, or rape and murder another bear before fucking your partner bear over it. Nature cares only for two things: Firstly, try to stay alive, and secondly, try to produce more offspring. That is pretty much the sum total of Nature’s Law and issues around apply it does not get sorted out in a courtroom, or a Therapists chair, like Human Law does. These are just a baseline Truths that animals, and any living being for that matter, function to. This, is Natures Law.

You can kill, maim, abuse, eat, rape, wound, fight, fuck, leave, take, give, or do none of those things, in any way shape or form you like so long as you adher to the two fundamental rules. Try to stay alive yourself, and try to breed. Even these rules are not heavily applied by Nature in some kind of court of law because Nature’s Law is really only fundamental guidelines, but the point is, she does not judge, only Human Law judges in trying to apply itself and that is because it is false and has to be applied forcefully in order to be understood. Nature’s Law just is, therefore Nature’s Law explains all the misdeeds of Humans as well as animals and also Nature’s Law says, do whatever you do, and that is fine.

Is there a problem with this? Well, only if you are trying to apply Human Law to it, then yes there is because it breaks all the codes of Human Law in a civilised 21st Century society, and you should expect to pay the price for it. On the other hand, if you are looking at the world with a more open-minded philosophy, either trying to understand it, or worse if you have fallen foul of Human Law and are either incarcerated, or being hunted by your culture and outlawed by it, then Nature’s Law will probably go a long way to explain what is happening to you, and why.

Nature’s Law is not a let off, it applies to you as much as to other living beings that are also given every right to kill, maim, abuse, eat, rape, wound, fight, fuck, leave, take, give, or do none of those things, in any way shape or form TO YOU, so long as they adhere to the two fundamental rules: try to stay alive themselves, and try to breed. It is cruel, but it is not concerned with niceties, it is rather simply a fundamental truth of the Universe we find ourselves in.

But that isn’t the end of it, there is actually also another Law that trumps not only Human Law but Nature’s Law too, and it really only becomes relevant to a person if they are trying to grasp the fundamental way in which the Universe works, and so are struggling with the whys and wherefore’s that such a task presents. The ultimate Law, and the one that all other laws default to when they get challenged, or do not explain the reason for something happening, is Universal Law

3. Universal Law.

Universal Law does not care for anything. Universal Law is cold. It states that eventually, all things will become nothing. Simple as that. Planets will destruct, Life will become extinct, Suns collapse, Galaxies will disappear and nothing will remain. Therefore nothing means anything, nothing matters, and nothing is so important as to be a Law of permanence, in the end.

Everything within the dominion of the Universe, is ruled by a Universal Law that does not care about what happens. Ultimately nothing will survive, whatever is happening in Human Law and Nature’s Law will completely cease to be relevant, or even exist at some point. Even the existence of Matter itself will be in question eventually, and as a result, possibly even Time too, but these are digressions. Fundamentally speaking, nothing is of consequence in Universal Law because eventually, nothing will be here to be of consequence.

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