A Beautiful Day in our City's DC Lake

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Hello Friends,

How are you all,Hope everyone is well,
i am also pretty good.

Friends, There are two parks in my town of Tangail.Name of the two park:-SP Lake and DC Lake.Earlier Tuesday, I took my beloved and went to SP Lake.The next day I went to DC Lake again.Sharing with you while traveling to DC Lake.I went for a walk on Wednesday 04 September 2019 in DC Lake.

Friends,I always loved traveling to different new locations. So I went to a park in my city.There is a beautiful park in my town of Tangail, the name of the park is DC Lake.
Yesterday Wednesday i go to DC Lake.In the afternoon i went for a walk there.I love to visit DC Lake.I love DC Lake,I've had a lot of fun there.I have been very happy to be there,Have a lot of fun there.
I enjoyed the time very much.I visited DC Lake.I ate at a restaurant there,I ate delicious lacchi.In all, I've had a lot of fun.Beautiful that day I shared with you.
overall this my yesterday afternoon history.

Everyone will be fine,Thank You.
@mdaminulislam with love.

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