I have a new pet

in life •  last month

His name is Dude.

I went to a plant show today and found the plant that I’ve been wanting to own for ages now.

It’s an easy enough plant to find plant. But I’ve never had a chance to actually buy one before.

So now I have a fly eating dude in my plant collection. Whose name is Dude.

I’ve never named a plant before. Is that a weird thing to do?

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Venus flytraps are my favourite XD I usedd to have one named Chompy (though I never got around to putting googly eyes on it). Sadly it died along with my bonsai tree because the housesitter didn't know how to look after them and left them out in middle of summer without watering them :<

I haven't actually gone looking for another one but may have to as my youngest has said he wants one XD


Oh yeah! Dude needs some #GooglyEyes!

Cool I love those plants :-)

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They are pretty damn awesome. My house is weird though, there's no obvious spot to keep him so I might need to build something.

Duuuude! Classic. Have fun feeding it flys.


I sure will :D

Yupp I'd like to get once such plant. But unfortunately didn't see them on sale here in Russia just in botanical garden.
I think you need to poot nearly with him slowmo camera and make a video how it catches somebody.

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That's not a bad idea. :)

I also need a nice spot to keep the little guy.


I think you can choose it with your second half!
So we are waiting your posts with updates in Dudes life 😉

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