You Probably Dont Want to Hear This But You Really Should Listen To It Anyway

in life •  8 months ago

This weeks episode of Surviving the Matrix. Please Share.

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How does the average Joe working 9-5 remove themselves from the system?. Very difficult.

Most people are still asleep, most would not agree that Government is evil or government does no good.

I think having laws about anything is wrong. I hate government, masters or any control.

I was recently in Singapore, I loved the clean beautiful city, so few cars, amazing transport, good air but the trade off is a police state, death for drug procession, chewing gum banned (cleanest streets I have ever seen), everything running like clockwork and people seemed happy.

While back home we have crime, homelessness, beggars, drug addicts lying around, dirty streets and generally nothing working as it should.

Zero real freedom in both places of course just different levels of control.


Great comment Robbie... ya, its an uphill battle but there is a way, and I am confident that through all this mess, eventually we will find it and we will get there


Highly rEsteemed @maxigan!

SteemIt, though not "ideal," does constitute a New world revolution. As a Blockchain, it will be running for many years without too much interference by State actors. So if you want to make a profound difference in the 9-5, tic-tock, hum-drum Matrix Living... Get a SteemIt account and COOPERATE! In fact, I am going to help you @maxigan adopt a more Automated Process for the work you do with a much more Egalitarian way of Appreciating Value. See you in Discord!

Hail Eris!

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many thanks Frank, I will get back into discord when I can for sure


That's how they manipulate people to accept more "rule" and "order", by letting situations degenerate in "the West" so to portray full on authoritarianism, where you'll have more discipline, cleanness etc, as an example of a well ordered and functional society.

Clintons may be fed to the lions as they have served their usefulness but thats as far as I seeing it going.

A comment on what you said at the end of the show. I've noticed how at least over here Gaza and Palestine are not "trendy" subjects anymore. They were used by the fake political paradigm when the left was at the "opposition" to criticize "right-wing" support for Israel. Of course when they were selected to power they pledged their full support to that nation because, you know, anti-semitism and stuff.

If you talk about Palestine now you're seen as a hippie communist that wants to side with terrorism. And you'd be surprised how many people that call themselves "leftists" now think this way....

Great show! As usual. I up-voted, though my vote is worth nothing. I agree with almost everything you say and it's all very close to my heart. I only have one doubt concerned to so-called 'nuclear threat'. You say, it's unlikely - starting from the assumption that it would be unprofitable for 'them'. I agree with this. But ... let's not forget, that except they are intelligent - they are also evil. Very evil. What if they assumed, that exploiting earth becomes no longer profitable and the time is coming to go somewhere else (another planet) for exploitation. But before going they just want to destroy everything behind, so there will be no one to catch them. This is very likely, imho. Anyway, excellent show. Thank you very much.


many thanks

Great show as usual, Max. I appreciate your perspective and have shared this around my circles, even though there may well be backlash from some people for doing so. Some people get so angry when faced with harsh realities contrary to their comfortable image of the world. Cognitive dissonance can be a difficult condition to break through. Regardless, every exposure of a challenging perspective chips away at the defensive triggers. There is only one truth, and people must either see it, or go down with the ship when it finally sinks.

Cheers brother!


thank you brother

Enjoyed this one, more focused on very important issues.

Nuclear threat is a joke. Anti-gun movements in the U.S.A. are a real problem if they get their way.

But nothing gets my blood boiling more than the fact that Israel, one of the holiest concepts for a Jewish person, is in this reality the most corrupt, racist, warmongering and genocidal nation on Earth.

The recent demonstrations in Gaza show, once again, the brutal nature of Israel as a country, with live ammunition being fired at people who are throwing rocks across an empty field... Rocks across an empty field... And these people get shot at...

We must never stop fighting but when you see things like this happening without even the slighest "international backlash", we really have to wonder just how much is the human family ready or willing to put an end to this charade.


Great stuff Max. Sharing this can be difficult. I think finding the balance of being truthful and honest with no malice in your words is the key. Easier said then done. I believe having acceptance of the way things are now and seeing that you can change it through your actions is important. It's time we stop tolerating this belief in government that destroys the world and the people on it. It's not natural and enough people know this. It's undeniable everywhere that this is not the way our species is supposed to coexist. It is just people. Don't follow orders out of your moral compass. It's all numbers and words , don't follow words and numbers that tell you to do things you would never do otherwise. It's that simple.


thanks brother, I agree with your sentiments completely


I already shared ..

a very good video to watch


many thanks

This is great


That's a cool video to see thanks for sharing

I am so happy to see you hear, Max.

  • Funny as you've been here much longer than I.

Mr. Max Igan I love your philosophies and for a long time, please do not stop as you are Legend!