Why Was I Taught to hate Myself?

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This weeks episode of Surviving the Matrix. Please share.
Please accept my apologies for my lack of presence and conversation of late.
Much love to all.

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I’m Iranian American and I realized after years of 9/11 programming that I subconsciously hated myself, even though I had a positive upbringing. From 8 years old to my early twenties I missed out on so much because of the false shame I bought into. Being half white I opted to identify more Caucasian in order to avoid bullying but it only further suppressed the feelings I was perpetuating about myself. It's a matter of piquing people’s curiosity so they can discover themselves. Genuine thanks to you Max for continuing to share your perspective. This is a first time comment for me but your shows have helped me wake up to myself over the years and to take action in combating the smart grid. Great episode and great opening quote. All the best.

many thanks for your comment

Been binge watching your videos of the late.

You've won me over with your matter-of-fact style.

BTW, just watched your "Max Igan at Anarchapulco Feb 17, 2018" talk. Brilliant.

Following you now, delightfully upvoted and resteemed.

Namaste, JaiChai

thank you very much for your kind words jaichai

Great thought and nice explanation @maxigan

thank you brother

Wow! your thoughts are Amazing Buddy! keep up the good work. This post made me follow you and would like to listen from you more often. will be watching ya! :)

thank you very much my friend

The Holocaust / 6 million dead Jews have to be the greatest lie ever told. The world over knows Hitler/The Holocaust / 6 million dead Jews.
Few know the true story of WW2, the 30 million dead Russians, Uncle Joe, (The Greatest Story Never Told).

more amazing mind opening - thanks Max

thanks robbie

See ya in Mexico, I'll say hello next year.

I often felt that white-shame growing up. especially in my early years. As of late I have thought how strange it is that people hold so tightly to those past "atrocities" that have been committed against "their people". Why do we hold onto these traumas from generations before us and make them our own? A very strange practice indeed.

Everyone is allow to have a heritage, culture and story except for white people.. WHITE lol can't even give us the dignity of using the term Caucasian anymore.. now on applications here in the US I see that as the only option.. "white", a literal color.. yet if you say anything about how racist that is well I'll be slandered and attacked. if they ever wrote black or yellow on an application as a box to check off for your race all hell would break loose..

thank you @maxigan - I've been listening to you for maybe 2 years now but this is, I think, the first time I've heard you speak out about the Holocaust. I have not dived deep down that rabbit hole but I'm glad you've dropped some book names and such in this podcast because I will be checking it out. I've heard some talk about it but more along the lines of the scientists we took in.. and the experiments done during WWII but now I'm questioning the truth of that and how this all fits together,
great show this week!

The truth cannot be racist.

Still, pointing out the complete lack of evidence for the Holocaust seems the best way to cause the histrionic delusional masses to shut down and cease to communicate.

I've been trying to understand the place Tartary holds in the history of the world recently.

Thanks for the thoughts. Followed.

Hey Max, Vinny Eastwood recently did an show with Joe Atwill that gave an interesting thread on the origins of Zionism. Seems like an investigation track to add to the inquiry of the topic.

vinney is a great host ,

Never heard of either of these guys before, but Vinney seems to be aiming for the bullseye, and Joe is very perceptive and a strategic thinker. Imma look into them further.


Everything is reverse - The Department of Health is actually the Department of Sickness. The Minister is the same, Minister for Sickness.

Hospitals (in general) make people sicker.

EVERY long-term illness can be cured naturally. Hospitals are good at emergencies but forget about anything else.

Doctors are just legalised drug pushers/dealers and know nothing much about health and NOTHING about nutrition.

You are what you eat. Eat supermarket/fast food and become sick. Supermarkets do not sell food only factory food/food like products.

Police are Highwaymen.

Government is mafia.

Everything is reverse, nothing is as it seems.

I like this guy!

No matter how we look at the picture, it lies in the deceptive nature of the concept of power itself. That people must let this "slavery and psychopathic system" go..

Who knew the correct shape of each country/continent to be able to draw maps so accurately back 100's of years before anyway of flight?. Is this know or am I just retarded?.