wow just one video with $23 worth of upvote and i send countless time writing a post only to end up getting just cent

That is because Steemit is a pyramid scam

Closer to a ponzi scheme, but not far off either way.

I think my record was around 1$, unless you count giveaways then 2.50$

Best to treat the platform as a free blog host and not even think about the money.

wasn't Ponzi the name of a guy who was famous for running a Pyramid Scheme. thought they were same thing

you mean the russian guy who started mmm

They are similar, the main difference is that Ponzi schemes rely on the promise of returns on investments (while being paid out by future investors) where pyramid schemes rely on getting new recruits to bring in the new money.

In a practical sense they are probably interchangeable.

The point I was getting at is that crypto markets operate on "supply and demand" a demand that really only increases as more people sign on, invest money or add value to these systems. Where nothing in them as any real inherent value. (Yes, there's value in the algorithm, the exchanges, the similarity to currencies in transactions, but if the blockchain shut down for whatever reason that value evaporates with it).

it's because Max Igan has an enormous following - and is very interesting - still no comment on the video so this comment could be considered SPAM but obviously everyone who comments here is clueless, sadly.

Why Everyone Needs to WAKE UP Right NOW

It might take a long time for them to wake up. Then they have to get up from now and slowly.


thank you Max - I am awake and the people I try to wake up don't - I continue to live in an awakened state - and things get more and more difficult.

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