What is Your Stake in the Outcome?

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The world today is so full of strife and bad news that sometimes it becomes very difficult to maintain a state of high energy. You may try, but things just get to you sometimes. Life has it's twists and turns and it just happens. Right out of the blue you suddenly find yourself annoyed or snapping at someone. That reactionary mind has taken over and you just find yourself in that zone. Sometimes you can even realize it half through a sentence and you think wtf? I am doing this again? How did that happen? I was fine a minute ago... And yet now here you are in the thick of some confrontation - and not even really knowing how you got there. So you step back after it to regain your composure and you try again. Love and light you repeat to yourself, love and light... and therein lies the problem. We somehow believe we are to maintain this warm fuzzy feeling at all times and it is simply not reality. There are often situations we find ourselves in that are uncomfortable or irksome.

Often the problem is also compounded by the fact that most people do not even have a clear understanding of what either love or light truly is. I recently explored this topic in some detail in an article entitled "Enlightenment is a Destructive Process" which can be viewed here: https://steemit.com/life/@maxigan/enlightenment-is-a-destructive-process so I won't spend time on it again now but suffice to say it is peoples failure to clearly understand the meaning of these two terms that creates so much confusion in people's minds when seeking to apply them to the world at large. It is also the fact that people are 'trying' to maintain a high vibration rather than simply being in one. You either do, or you do not, there is no try.

Most of the difficulty people have in this regard lies in their preoccupation with the 'importance of the moment'. People, when interacting with the world or other people from inside the vessel they inhabit often view completely insignificant and trivial activities as being of profound importance. But really, when one steps back from the vessel and looks at humanity as a whole, most especially 'civilized' humanity, are the actions you are performing or the situations you are getting pent up about really that important? Indeed when looking at humanity as a collective, what exactly is this greatly important purpose we supposedly serve? The reality is that the majority of people in the modern world spend most of their time engaged in completely meaningless activities in order to collect enough paper to pay the cost of being alive, and most of the activities we are engaged in are simply ensuring that future generations will have a very difficult and highly toxic environment in which to survive.

So how exactly is any of this activity important?

Well, of course, it isn't but again, things seem important to us individually because we cling to the moment, and we view our own interactions with the world and everyone we deal with as being vastly more important than anything else. This of course is quite understandable as each person is ultimately the center of their own universe and our own actions are our own person interface with the world. We have also been trained to measure our value according to social standards and so it is often important for our own self assurance that we maintain a certain image. But sometimes when things don't always work out the way we want or believe they should, we lose our connection and the frequency begins to slide down into the negative. Most of these concepts are entirely fictional but we don't usually realize that at first and so we adhere to them anyway, simply due to the programming that we receive during our lives. Don't stress on it too much though, it happens to the best of us. Even Gandhi had no problem letting off steam. It's part of being human and it's far better to let things out rather than bottle them up.

The trick is not to hold on to things. Let it out and let it go. Grudges are a waste of energy and a waste of time.

In situations where you do begin to feel your frequency wavering, or perhaps anger or fear is beginning to gain some foothold, it may be beneficial to 'step out of yourself' and simply watch the proceedings from a kind of third person perspective. This is something that I tend to do now most of the time anyway - to live my life in a kind of semi detached state whereby I am able to view things from a 3rd person perspective as I do them. Almost like watching life unfold around me like a movie, only being able to place myself in context with the other characters on the screen. We are all players here, it's kind of like a game of 3d chess being played in a maze where you never know what's right around the corner. The ultimate goal is freedom. The craft of play is that which can be expressed by human creative potential, and the tools with which to achieve that are the vessels each of us inhabit. And it can be helpful to look at the entire board on which the game is being played and to view yourself from the perspective as simply being one of the pieces.

In some of the most difficult and sometimes dangerous situations of my life, I have always been able to sit back and watch the situation unfold from outside myself, like a 3rd person sitting unseen in the room. By doing that, in some situations others may find precarious or even scary I have often simply found it incredibly fascinating that me of all people would actually be there it all to even find myself in that position. I find I am able to do this simply by remove any stake I may have in the outcome of anything I'm doing.

Life is a journey, and really it's about the path and how it unfolds. The outcome of all life ultimately, is death. So what stake is there to have in your everyday activities? The real gift is the experience. What is truly important, if anything, is the path itself, what you do while taking the journey, what knowledge you gather along the way and what you have left behind for others who may follow. Who knows, perhaps you may even leave breadcrumbs to guide you during your next stay. But in the grand scheme of things, yours is only a temporary visit; a fleeting moment gifted to you in a vessel uniquely designed for you alone. A gift of flesh and blood from which your spirit to weave its creative spell. Pay attention to the gift and how fleeting the moment truly is or before you know it, it will begin to fade and you may then realize how distracted you were and how much of yourself you missed while you were busy doing other much more "important" things. And that would be a sad thing.

It's peoples belief that they truly do have a stake in the outcome of their actions that causes so much anxiety and stress in people when the really is that they don't. This is just a temporary ride, a theater show, a chance to experience physicality and to see what we can create. None of the social issues are important. None of the work we do to earn our daily bread is important. In fact most of what we do is completely meaningless. Mundane activity designed to keep us busy and distracted so we never get the time to step back and see what we are missing and what we are really doing.

Look at society and ask yourself, what your stake in all this really is...

When you really step back and put things in perspective, it becomes a lot easier to keep your frequency high. But that's the ironic thing about life, it all seems so mysterious as it unfolds and yet it all makes perfect sense when viewed in reverse.

In Lak'ech

Max Igan

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Now, to challenge a bit, since we do not have a stake in the outcome, howcome you not like when people call you 'role model'? And even deeeper psychological / spiritual approach: if people project positive thoughts and emotions towards you enough to put that positive label without any bad faith (not Søren's 'oncy you label me you negate me') what not to love? Isn't it ultimately [care], loving our surroundings, the glue that attracts and binds us towards each other, participating & creating a better world? With love, FKJ // PS: thanks for the great job doing exactly that - creating a better world. PPS: "liked" and support all your postings (+/-). Role model ;-)


i dont like being called a role model, because I am not a role model, and calling me one places an unwanted, undesired and unnecessary burden and responsibility upon me that I cannot carry for you.

Max it great to see you here. You are a very brilliant lamp!