What in The World is Happening

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This weeks episode of Surviving the Matrix. Please share and much love to all.

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You hit a nerve, economics is only 50% of the problem... religions are the other 50%... new agers believe that the meditation bubble will rescue them (ignore evil and it will go away)... then the christians waiting for the 2nd coming.... Hindus, no matter what they know about Maya, they think it is inescapable... buddhism is all about working on the next reincarnation... etc...

Despite the good insights they all share, they were all drafted by the same elites to enslave psyches. The world needs a spiritual overhaul... all religions will have to go down, I am afraid.

The problem is in the mirror, each and every one of ours.

yep and I blog a lot of about it myself... I was just playing the devil advocate... the individual holds the key to the "whole"

Great show as always. Congrats on the ten years over the last four I have been truly enlightened and change many of my perspectives from these talks.

Would like to hear more on the Ancient History, I have been reading a lot about this recently. 💯🐒

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I live in a city that just rolled out 5G. A naturopathic doctor recently told us that the best thing for our health was to move out of the city because the air was so bad. Also that we should be more aware of our proximity to power lines. She wasn't giving this as general advice, this was her advice after diagnosing my wife's issues.

We plan to move out and on with our lives however my family is here. I was raised here. It feels like running away from a problem I couldn't possibly fix.

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People struggle when it comes to leaving things, concepts and nature alone.

the manipulation runs veryyyyy deep