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This weeks episode of Surviving the Matrix. Please share.

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Hi Max, this is Lily, we met at Anarchapulco. I forked the conference to create Anarchaforko, a more decentralized DIY unconference of sorts to be held February 22-24th at Hotel Copacabana. We hope you'd be interested in being involved, and are offering a ticket if you're interested.

Check anarchaforko.com for more information :) Hope to hear from you!

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🧡💐🙏💐🎶 Indeed it is healing to hear this and to bring light to truth. Thank-you for this great Saturday night TV @maxigan 😂👍

many thanks my friend

Max, you should probably stop giving a fuck about those that take stabs at you online. The digital reality is full of egotistical people looking to chop each other down, especially when monetization is involved. Heck, maybe those people are government agents, we don't know.

But your advice to the new activists definitely felt like it was being spoken to me -- we're starting a new radio show and I'm thinking that my co-host and I will either hire someone to forward us the legitimate comments/emails or ignore them altogether. It seems to be weighing down on you to try and lift up groups of people that may not be ready to be saved yet.

co-host and I will either hire someone to forward us the legitimate comments/emails

congrats on your upcoming radio project @atherz... how do I apply for the position if I my ask? I can be reached via my website email.

This episode is also a podcast on soundcloud Listen to Surviving the Matrix - What If....? - Episode 357 On Conscious Sounds 432Hz #np on #SoundCloud

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Listen to Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix Podcasts On Conscious Sounds 432Hz #np on #SoundCloud

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Interesting stuff about the Mud Floods. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it is my first time of hearing of it.

Re: The orphan children

You have no doubt heard of the great influenza epidemic after WWI that is said to have killed more people than that wicked human carnage of the war itself.

Had a talk with my 95 year old mother recently about TB and if it placed her population in constant anxiety. She said no, that it was just one of those facts of life like the present generations dealing with that stat that 1 out of 2 people will have to deal with cancer in our lives.

The thing is that you have a better survival chance with cancer than those before penicillin did with TB. She said every family was touched. The entire family of my great uncle was lost.

Even today a TB test comes up positive with me. It appears that it likely came into contact with me during the 50's when in the hospital for unrelated matters. Luckily my young immune system beat it with antibodies to prove it and drive the present day testers crazy.

The average ancient Egyptian's lifespan is said to be around 35 years old.

With all these things in mind is it any surprise that history has had its share of orphans?

I have noted of late your consideration of a 'mud flood' that you suspect may have affected much of the world fairly recently. I am not telling you what did or did not happen, and strongly agree with your assessment of history books, so please consider my remarks as simply information I am aware of.

I have been through a couple floods. I also have a friend whose family farm is in a flood plain, and it floods every couple years. In the floods that inundated my home, I found it notable (and highly obectionable) that after the water receded, despite the violence of the flow initially, it receded gradually, and gently. As a result, it left a residue that had washed out of the places the water came from - mud. A layer of mud about an inch deep, fine and utterly ubiquitous where the water had reached.

The farm where my friend has experienced ~20 floods in the last century shows the result of a couple dozen such depositions, a layer of mud almost two feet deep. There are Model T and Model A cars and trucks (he once was a restorer) that are buried up to the hubs in this fine, clay like mud, now dry.

You'd think there would be indications that a few years had passed between floods, a demarcation like the rings in a tree, in the mud, but it is practically without division clear into the subsoil. The floods occurred long before the farm existed on the flood plain, and the layer of human deposited material can be used to date the floods. He can point out differences in the depth of the mud on a given item, recalling when the item was placed there, and point out how much mud was deposited by that flood (if he had left another item before the prior flood, but after the preceding one).

The point I am trying to make is that myriad local events that reoccur regularly may resemble one global event.

I have seen the Badlands across Montana, and see what a raging flood does when it happens all at once. The ripples and moguls you find on a beach where a creek dumps out are there, but they are miles wide, hundreds of feet high. I do not see that such a regional event could be global without relatively scaled landscape features, so do not see that some kind of recent global flood that could leave feet of mud deposits could have occurred.

However, if myriad local floods occurred over centuries since an area was developed, feet of mud would certainly be the result, and massive flow features left in the landscape would not be evident. This seems to conform to the data you are considering.

Thought I'd provide such information to you as I am able.

I greatly enjoy your broadcasts when I am able to hear them (less often of late due to bandwidth issues), and agree with your underlying ethic: to consider the evidence and draw conclusions as best you can.

That's science.


A cracking post again. I am fascinated with this change in history. I just wish I had more time to look into it. But frankly it makes so much sense and looking at things that have confused me for years I can see with more clarity. Your mention of organ too makes so much sense. I remember when I was in Hampi India there were pillars made out of stone that is tapped made different notes clearly on the same line of you point out here. Yet know one knew the function of the or how to play them yet they new everything else about the building stuck me at odd at the time but only just came back into my head.

I have often wondered about churches when Jesus, from what I gather was not one to want people to build huge churches and temples spending all their time and monies on this, I think there are supposed to lost parts of the bible explain this. From what I understand his teaching were about looking into yourself and finding him there as we are all god; but I'm going of on a tangent here. Until next week 💯🐒

There are many truths in the bible but the character of Jesus was most likely invented by the Flavian dynasty... look for CAESAR'S MESSIAH: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus - OFFICIAL VERSION

Mm maybe i'll have to check it out when I have a minute. I've always thought there was a guy called Jesus who was a bit of a kinda of psychologist or illusionist back in the day. But taught wise words and then the whole book was put together and expand on to make it look glossy around the edges. Who's knows hey but will check out CAESAR'S MESSIAH: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus - OFFICIAL VERSION thanks 💯🐒