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Thank you Max for sharing this message.
Standing up for what you believe is difficult but not impossible.
I walked away from a very lucrative career and granted the money was great but I had to look myself in the mirror every day.

Now I speak out against the way medicine manipulates the health of people. My audience is small but even sharing my message to one person at a time can make a difference.

Upvoted 100% as usual and resteemed your message.

Mary (aka @camille1234 's mom)

This is great, just amazing

Well informative and educative concept, I like the video presentation @maxigan

gotta love the opening quote about "integrity", unfortunately the money making mentality is about everything but integrity. Follow the paycheck.

... listening now.... yes the system is fraudulent and integrity condemned. I speak about it in one of my presentations

Thanks Max! Always appreciate your insights! I am going to listen to this on a short road trip!

Great concept and nice video about world adaption...@maxigan

A Good Episode about the state of the world, what we can do to progress civilization
Thanks to share, like your video @maxigan

Yes I agree with you. We must do something positive that fits the rules.
Because, by the rules, our lives will be safe.
We must keep the good that is in us.
Thanks for sharing us @maxigan
Have a good day @maxigan


which rules if i may ask?

The only valid rules are those deriving directly from Natural Laws


Because I am a Muslim, so I use Islamic law. With Islamic law, make my life safe and calm.
if you think the best natural law, then use the law of nature.
Thanks for your asking.
Have a good day @earthcustodians


what I mean is that there Cosmic Laws that exist and that humans didnt created, and the problems in the world are essentially caused by the ignorance of these cosmic laws.

we find these cosmic laws in all religions but written in metaphors, that is why people do not see how important they are


I do not know about cosmic law.
What is cosmic law?


too long to explain one posting but here it is.... all the Cosmic Principles are proven by science.


For me the most important law is; Do no harm.

Or more specific; Do not harm someone that has done no harm.
Self Defense, or the defense of others who are attacked by an aggressor is of course O.k.

This may explain it.

Cracking! We seem to be in synchronicity at the moment, just before I listened to this I wrote a post about education. Great work Max the hundreth monkey is stirring for sure 💯🐒

Wow, I have been suspecting that history could be a lie but I have never heard anybody talking about this before like you did. Great to follow you and have you as a fellow TribeSteemUp member. Hope to meet you next year at Anarchapulco to bombard you with some questions! ;)


many thanks brother, I look forward to catching up in mexico

Thanks for the info.A Good Episode about the state of the world, what we can do to progress civilization.It surely shows the survivors.

You can't control moral people. "We should have an international coalition for freedom of speech, because this nonsense is going on all over the world and it needs to be resisted all over the world" – Lindsay Perigo

Thanks a lot, Max, another Rabbit hole for me to fall into. It seems this one leads to all sorts of other holes, so I may be gone a while.

Tartary (Latin: Tartaria) or Great Tartary (Latin: Tartaria Magna) was a name used in the Middle Ages until the twentieth century to designate the great tract of northern and central Asia stretching from the Caspian Sea and the Ural Mountains to the Pacific Ocean after the Mongol-Turkic invasion inhabited mostly by Turkic peoples. It incorporated the current areas of Pontic-Caspian steppe, Volga-Urals, Caucasus, Siberia, Turkestan, Mongolia, and Manchuria.

The Tartaria Tablets

So, where did this country go?
According to theories, Tartaria died in a major civil war that happened in the 18th century. Fun fact: the majority of Russian history was written in 17th-18th century by foreign (mostly German historians).