Thanks again Max your always seem to go down the route of my thinking for my podcast that week haha synchronicities. Now is the time we need to wake fast than every with the 5g being implemented, our work is more important than every. I reach only a few but people at my work are asking me about these things now this I see as a huge leap forward 💯🐒

Thank you for your beautiful words. Wonderful show like always.

Many thanks my friend

Sorry for late upload this episode of surviving the Matrix is now a podcast on soundcloud Listen to Surviving the Matrix - We've All Been Played - Episode 364 On Conscious Sounds 432Hz #np on #SoundCloud

Also other Episodes can be found here
Listen to Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix Podcasts On Conscious Sounds 432Hz #np on #SoundCloud

Can also now be found on spotify under suviving the Matrix

Thanks max great show as always

love the intro quote... excellent choice

Nice one!
5 USD Bitcoin tip.
I entered your Steemit and your Bitchute into the "Web Alert" app on my android phone so I can see when you post new content (just in case You Tube pulls the rug out from under you).

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