The War on Freedom

in life •  6 months ago 

This weeks episode of Surviving the Matrix. Please share.

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Excellent broadcast as usual Maxwell. You inspire me a lot to be more active, as you often plea for us to do in your broadcasts. So, here is my little part...

Digital Matrix: In case you may be interested, I've just completed a very thorough exposé entitled Digital Con of the Century: The DCG Group – How we are being sucked into a digital slave matrix .

This is yet another way that the powers-that-shouldn't-be are trying to ensnare us - this time into their digital slave matrix and new digital financial system (also largely driven by biometrics).

The exposé focuses on a very devious conglomerate called the Digital Currency Group, or DCG.


Hoping you can spend some time to read (and digest) it, just as I often enjoy doing for your fine work.



P.S.: If you think the work is worthy enough, I could sure use and appreciate a re-steem to help get this important message out.

i only just saw this brother, great work

Wonderful good to get onto a bit of history again for sure! Being dyslexic I was fascinated by you're call on the phonetic spelling of words. I look a lot into etymology and in our culture there are so many clues. There is so much information out there exposing the control if only people would pull away from the media BS and actually look up some real information.

I struggle not to use the phone although only have a banking app, travel and weather on it and couple of camera app not anything else. I know this is still trackable but a step in the right direction. Having cut out the media BS and throwing away my television a few years ago I am in a great place. When people ask me why I am so happy and chilled my answer is I get let the media brainwash me, this starts some great conversations and slow but surly I am opening peoples eyes. I have only lived here for two years so am still building my tribe, but it is coming I know that. You're show provide my with some great ways to explain what is in my head, enabling my to vocalise it the sheep and friends much obliged. Keep them coming 💯🐒

Came across this today quite worrying to be honest. Why have surveillance when we could freely offer our location! Man wake up people.