The True Power of Lies

in life •  last year 

This weeks episode of Surviving the matrix.

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As always a lot to reflection on. I have recently read Graham Hancock;s book on ancient history looking forward to your take on this 💯🐒

the matrix =0

What's the best way to crack people's fear shell? If I'm around a person or group regularly then I just be me but, if you wanted to make impacts. How would you do it?

This is a constant challenge, both to get people to listen, but also to even take some interest in talking about important relevant subjects. As there is too much distractions people take interest in instead.
Finding the right questions to ask them is one good way of doing it. As Asking the wrong question wont work either. So I would say that asking about how they view things then asking why. Might be a good way. As finding out the reasons may show that the reason may not even be there.

  ·  last year (edited)

That's a good point. I often find that when I really listen to someone, and see their view point, I don't even have to state my case or reasons. They can see that I'm simply and honestly not convinced. That works as powerful motivation for someone to question their own views.

  ·  last year (edited)

Ask them questions that they never consider. That's what I do.

I like that. It's not a pissing match that way. Still makes a bold statement.

I often used the absurdity of monetarism, debts and financing wars... as a starter of course

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Haha. How's that working out? Where I'm from, it doesn't matter so much if you make sense or have a reasonable point. If it's not in favor of Trump or Dr. Phil, then you're a nut of one kind or another. There's also a lot of flying off the handle immediately.

Me: "Read an interesting article today."
Normal person: "Yeah, today I saw headlines stating that Trump's new plan wasn't going to work. The problem is the leftist, they are such IDIOTS..." etc etc.

Let's unite & become stronger,
Brothers & Sisters , esp. for this:

Lies are WAY more lucrative than truth...

our fate may not be our choice, but how we deal w/it, is. A stunning piece you've created.