Max Igan on The Ininite Fringe with Bill Ray Valentine

in life •  last year 

A recent interview on truth Frequency Radio

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Amazing work , that video create you @maxigan ?

  ·  last year (edited)

Thanks for the video Max Igan. Here's a thought about freedom of choice.

Freedom of choice is attributed, usually, to the idea that a vote for either candidate is the same vote because it is a vote to perpetuate the current system.

There's a deeper illusion of choice, if you ask me. It is the illusion that the person is choosing based on his or her values or free will. People don't vote for the person that is most aligned with their values.

People vote for the person that instills fear. It can stem from people simply voting for whoever they think is most likely to win because their instincts tell them to publicly align him or herself with the ruling power-to-be.
It can be that the candidate, or company, or whatever has stoked certain pre-existing fears. However done, it is fear-based voting.

Fear commands our choices against our better judgement, against our desires, against our pursuit of happiness.

Thank you courageously leading by example and providing the information that you do.

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