Max Igan On Meeting Gaza's Children, Parents Saying No To WiFi Masts, Ancient Civilisations & More!

in life •  11 months ago

Interview on the Richie Allen Show, recorded June 28th 2018

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waw good


thank you :)

it is a great interview


many thanks wendy

What a remarkable interview! I am glad I created the opportunity to listen, because it so reinforces my own endeavors that have been wanting it. I am working hard to build on my neighbors homes, and the more work I do, the less I charge, that I preclude avarice of oppressors from seeking my assets (I have learned the hard way of the trap financial success is). Today I feel as sore as if I ran a marathon, but hearing the agreement you and Ritchie express with the principles I am effecting makes it entirely worthwhile.



many thanks brother, that is a very inspiring comment. :)

Uv resteem