Gatekeeping The Smart Grid

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This weeks episode of Surviving the Matrix. Please share

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Thank you for posting! Following. Hope you follow too. :)

Thank you Max.
Now let's put a final nail in #Qanon nonsence...
If you care too you can look up first part of what I posted above.
Remember you are free to come to your own conclusion. Love Truth. Peace Brother's and Sister's.

i will check it out thanks.

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I take my android phone with me on airplane mode. Maybe I should turn my phone off completely .. There is an offline map app "Here we go" which I can't trust completely but it at least has to collect data and upload it later (I never really update it though).

I bought one of these before Anarcapulco '18 => librem-5 .. I have been waiting a lone time. If I get it soon enough maybe I'll have something I can show people. Otherwise, I'll be carrying a pen and paper around taking notes again. lol

you may be one of the few people who remembers how to write these days james... lol

I used to get those tiny, around five-ish CHF samsungs when they were more common in Europe ... upgraded a bit since then ... but not much.

I'm still primarily pen and paper when traveling. Too spoiled with desktop replacement laptops to use anything else much ... Had access to laptops since '90s ... maybe spoiled.

Just buy dense paper and especially dark ink pens and have fun ...

..almost got triggered being a flat earth supporter but, I know that union can do much more for us all than division, and with the current paradigm/governments We will never be able to learn more and teach each other the multitude of truths hidden from the masses.. Thank You for 'the trigger' and another great episode =Ð

many thanks brother.

So much wisdom in your comment I'm honored my good sir... hat off.

Thank You so much for You kind words, I'm sorry to have missed Your comment before, it's not the first time it happens =S.. Now let us see if I manage to apply it in Our physical reality, the wisdom You mention, still have a lot of work onward.. Humble bow in appreciation sir ;)

(edit) P.s.: Had to edit the post, forgot to mention that You have a very cool pseudonym =Þ

I found this very interesting.
Graham Hancock Ancient Civilizations are being worked out finally.

I believe this is a fight between two Mafia gangs The Reds -v- The Blues.

It does not matter who wins as the higher up's control both gangs.

The rollout of the police state, 5G, Smart Grid and other nasties is totally separate to whats going on with Trump.

Max optimistic Igan did not hang about long, we're back to reality now. O'dear.

I killed my TV years ago.
I have a mobile phone but it never leaves the house. I hate phones.

Mr Trump was chosen as the Great Divider.
I would be very surprised if he is not just another one who carries the plan forward like War With Iran.
The Elites own both REDS and BLUES. The Plan is the Plan so it does not matter who is President.

this is interesting..