Fascist Dickheadism

in life •  3 months ago

This weeks episode of Surviving the Matrix.
Please share and upvote. And much love to all who can take the time to listen.

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You go Max! Good show, good humor, good message, good "intensity", loved it.


many thanks damantanor

Is there any better word than 'dickhead'? You really cracked me up with this one.

society is transforming the planet into a grave yard. simple...

Also known as fascist prickism

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Lets eliminate some of their giant profits. Knowlege is power.


The reason this does not work is because it takes more energy to break the Hydrogen bond than is able to be captured by recombining the Hydrogen and Oxygen to produce power. While not everyone can be expected to do the math that proves this, the basic idea is simple and easy to understand.

Every process is inefficient to some degree, and each operation loses some of the energy potential to it due to inefficiency. The theoretical power to be gained from combining Hydrogen and Oxygen is just less than the amount of power necessary to break the bond in water. This alone means that using water as fuel requires additional energy than water can produce. Now, add the rate of efficiency loss to that loss, and it should be logically obvious that breaking down water using electricity from a battery to power an internal combustion engine (that also loses the power in the mechanisms that translate the power from burning into mechanical energy, and then each time the energy is transferred mechanically) is not going to produce more power than is in the battery to begin with.

Indeed, just driving an electric motor with the battery is orders of magnitude more efficient, as fewer transformations are necessary to induce motion in a car.

Using solar power to produce Hydrogen and Oxygen from water to propel a vehicle requires huge amounts of solar power, which is not available from the surface area of a vehicle. 50 watts will not propel a car very fast. The total amount of power available from the solar panel is greatly reduced from it's stated capacity, starting with the fact that the panel is rated at 50 watts, but in real life conditions produces less, as it is impossible to perfectly position the panel in only perfectly sunny conditions, and losses in power proceed from there throughout the system.


Just thought to offer a word of encouragement, as I noted you referred to the incessant opposition you have encountered.

Physics determines what is possible, and technology is what we implement of what is possible. Just as nature abhors a vacuum, so free people abhor oppression. While various technologies are applied by those that would prevent their victims from possessing them, humanity in the billions are incessantly seeking to improve their lot, and the bulk of us are negatively impacted by oppression.

Every secret will be revealed, and all power will become disseminated in time, as physics makes it possible. Eventually, the crimes of oppressors will become their personal burdens, and compassion and fellowship will mark the good company we enjoy. Even desperate measures might but delay this, and you and I both agree such desperation has been expressed to destroy civilization before.

Failing human extinction, nothing will prevent the eventual felicity and freedom of all people throughout the vast universe we will possess. Fascist dickheads are only possible due to the lack of understanding, and that is temporary, as physics remains invariant, and the knowledge of it takes time to disseminate and effect functionally.



This is in my opinion the best episode yet. It really sums it all up, and that in a language that might get the message through to my sheeple friends. I'll share the hell out of it on façadebook

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for we are many
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