Everything is Backwards

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The level of deception to which the human race has been subject to is today, so vast and all-encompassing in its scale that it can barely even be measured. We now live in a world of political correctness, where expressing real feelings, or saying anything where anyone may become even the slightest bit offended, is frowned upon. Yet all around us our air is hardly fit to breathe, our food is hardly fit to eat, our health systems sell sickness, our education systems misinform, our money systems promote debt, our peace policies promote war, our media delivers lies, our water has deteriorated to the point that we buy it in bottles that themselves are full of chemicals and our children are taught - before they are even able even able to think clearly that perhaps they may feel better about things if they were a member of the opposite sex... just don't speak about any of it in case you make someone else feel uncomfortable. And so people just accept it and virtually no-one ever says anything for fear of what others may think about them.

In considering this condition, perhaps the most sobering aspect of it is the fact that this entire situation has all come about due to the actions of Government. People may balk at that and say, no it's our fault, the fault of society and though that is true to an extent, more realistically, it has all come to pass simply because it has been legislated to be that way. Those elected in good faith and placed in positions of trust to ensure a safe and viable future for the people of their nations; those whom were entrusted with preserving the well being and security of those people; politicians who were employed and trusted to keep the populace safe and informed... All whom have done precisely the opposite of what the people believed they were employing them to do...

As a result of this misplaced trust, modern society is far more programmed than informed and quite frankly, is today, more in a state of clear and present danger than most people can readily fathom. And sure, on a deeper level, it's our fault for not perhaps facing reality and dealing with things a little sooner. But that has occurred as the result of a gradual mechanism of programming that has taken a number of generations to achieve. Intensive and continuous subliminal programming is a difficult thing to break through, and via a government controlled education system and the carefully scripted and tightly controlled output of the Main Stream Media, this programming has, in recent times, reached epidemic proportions.


Through use of these two mechanisms, Media and indoctrination thinly disguised as "education”, over a few short generations, humankind has been conditioned into accepting a world where virtually everything that is presented to them is either upside down or completely backwards. A shining example lies in the manner in which we have been taught to shun our natural ways and medicines and to place our faith in science and chemical remedies and very notably, the alternative to Natural medicines, ie: the artificial chemical compounds and drugs used in pharmaceuticals are now called "medicines" and the original compounds they replace are now labelled "alternative". That was a neat trick huh?

Similarly, in the name of pursuing peace, we have been trained to support endless war. We have been taught to accept open human rights abuses being carried out by supposedly democratic Governments. We have replaced protection and service officers with "law enforcement officers" and calmly accept these militarized and often quite brutal law enforcement officers as being “necessary for public safety”. And the list goes on... Shooting of unarmed civilians; imprisonment without charge or trial simply on “suspicion” with no evidence required. We see open support for blatant war crimes and human rights abuses through the world, such those carried out in Saudi Arabia for years and that are still being exacted upon the people of Yemen by the Saudi's. Still there is open support for the myriad of war crimes being carried out in Palestine by the state of Israel whom, even though it is brutally aggressive, racist and warlike in all its foreign policies and actions, behaving precisely in the manner of any other rogue state you may care to name, is a portrayed to the world as a victim state that is striving for peace.

Our modern Governments rampage across the world carpet bombing whole countries and decimating entire populations to “free people” from oppression. Millions of people have been reduced to abject poverty by the war machine, and then simply left to fend for themselves in a life of continual hardship and suffering in order to "free them from the Tyrants who oppress them" Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria et al... While on the home front, people are fed an entirely false view of the world by a screen in their lounge room or via their favorite online platform that instructs them how and what to think. In this manner vast numbers of people, and most certainly the younger generations, have been trained to view real life skills and philosophical pursuits as unnecessary and to place value in materialism, success in business and economic or social standing. The never ending quest for the personal attention they never had as a child and do not even realize is what they are searching for. And the result has been that most have lost any real connection to themselves or to those around them and to the Earth they live upon. That is, if they ever really had any to begin with.

https _blueprint-api-production.s3.amazonaws.com_uploads_card_image_167718_MORG-208_George_RedHawk_edited_version.gif

Due to our support for this lifestyle and our collective failure to take responsibility for ourselves, always leaving things to the Nanny state to take care of for us, we have accepted a loss of freedom in the name of "liberty” (two words which essentially mean the same thing) to a degree that is now openly threatening the well being of the peoples of all nations. And we have allowed it all to happen under the guise of preserving peace and the pretext of “National Security”. Though in truth this situation has come about due to people simply failing to pay attention. By peoples willingness to unquestioningly consume the information that is spoon fed to them by Government and the Main Stream Media. The problem being that in the case of virtually everything we are told by these two sources, the real truth lies in precisely the opposing direction.

We can see this backwards mentality now being taken to whole new levels in the United States whereby Trump is held by many as a champion of freedom, while openly stating he would like to remove guns from the people and build a wall around the country.... to keep others out of course, to keep the country safe from invaders. Naturally that's why you would be seeking to disarm the populace as well, so they could keep the country safe from invaders... it all makes perfect sense... But thanks to Government run education, at least the youth of today have things figured out... right?


In even having a Government – Democracy, Republic, whatever one wishes to label it as, if there is to be any true freedom for the people within its structure at all, then quite obviously there needs to be checks and balances in place. If it is truly a “Government of the people” by any standard, these mechanisms need to be there. If they are not, then it is no Government, it is a Dictatorship. And that really is one of the things that has brought us to this point: The removal, by government, of such checking and balancing mechanisms. This has of course been happening little by little ever since Government was invented and in modern times, more rapidly in the name of “National Security” and “preserving freedom”. It has been done by promoting the utterly absurd concept that in order for people to have their liberties preserved and futures secure, this "Government of the people, for the people" needs to keep secrets from the people and should be subject to no scrutiny of its actions as none is required. This ridiculous and erroneous notion has now in some cases, even led to Government passing legislation naming any scrutiny of its actions as a criminal offense. Whistle-blowers are now very aware they themselves are the ones facing the threat of prosecution should they ever be found to be revealing any crimes of Government. Does this seem reasonable to anyone?

Remember that in past times, the media was used as a Government watchdog. Indeed, the media is the only organization outside Government mentioned in the US constitution as it was realized even then, that a strong and free media is essential to maintaining the security of any nation. In past times, when someone blew the whistle on Government misdeeds, the media would be all over it, whereas now, things are very different.

Now, when someone blows the whistle on a Government crime, an entire mechanism of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) takes place. Typically the Media quickly shifts attention to the sworn oaths of secrecy and government protocol guidelines that may have been broken and shifts the focus to the flaws within the system that allowed someone with the “obviously dubious character” of the whistle-blower to commit the “crime” of not adhering to protocols and creating “this scandal”. The whistle-blower then becomes the focus of all media attention, the government crime that was reported is pushed into the background and continues, and the one who reported the crime is attacked, vilified and prosecuted for daring to break protocols. There is little mention that it was done in order to report a serious crime and to bring the truth to the people. It simply becomes a Political football and is used to introduce more legislation to give the Government the means to more effectively cover up any future misdeeds and provide the legal mechanisms to more effectively persecute any future whistle-blowers.

In countries such as Australia people can now be arrested and held without charge or trial for criticizing or even questioning the actions of Government or Police. People who do question the actions of Government or seek accountability from Politicians or Police are now being labelled by the Main Stream Media as “anti-government extremists” and therefore as potential terrorists. Some Australian Politicians have even openly named anyone who protests a Coal Seam Gas Well as a “Domestic Terrorist”. This is happening to greater or lesser degrees in all western countries and this my friends is no longer Government by any stretch of the imagination, it is Dictatorship. And this is the stark reality of what our world has become, and to where it is continuing to progress.


Yes, things have gotten pretty bad. And yes, they appear to be getting steadily worse. Yet even with all of the above occurring, there is an increasing awareness growing in the minds of the population. And albeit rather a rude one, it is something of an awakening nonetheless - and it is world-wide. The unprecedented level of war, destruction and loss of individual rights seen in the modern world has understandably served to shock a great many people to the point that it can no longer be realistically denied by anyone. This Earth is run by criminals. It's simply a reality. And not only that, but it is in fact becoming very obvious to many now, that our problems actually go far deeper than simple criminality, personal gain for politicians and banksters. The stark reality is that the world of today is run by governmental systems populated by certifiable psychopaths whose actions strongly suggest they are hell bent on either A, depopulating large numbers of human beings and enslaving those who remain into a tightly controlled police state, or B, should they fail in their attempt, upon leaving this earth as a scorched and polluted graveyard in their wake.

It is now becoming apparent to many that this situation is being sustained and indeed was first implemented by a multi-national, multi-generational cabal that uses war, and its stranglehold over the world-wide money supply, as its two main tools of control. Politics and Government has become a puppet show; a career path for the ultra corrupt. And it has become a family business. A closed shop. This is a truth that now stands as self-evident. And many are opening their eyes and realizing that the time has now come for humankind to take the matter in hand. The question, as always, is what action, if any, can be undertaken? The control systems are so deeply embedded now and the programming that most people have undergone is so ingrained, that sometimes one can look at the situation and despair. Yet I, and many others believe that all is far from lost. In fact I see this time in history as one of great opportunity; a chance for mankind to at last experience true freedom, or at very least, to at last establish a pathway leading towards that goal.

It just depends on us and our willingness to not just open our eyes to the truth but to BE it, and to stand in it.

One very real problem that we face is the level of distraction, and it doesn't just come from the fact that we are under sensory bombardment simply due to the machinations of modern society. There is also an inner distraction that occurs and is constant. This inner distraction, often unnoticed, is precisely what causes people to lose their attention for any given subject, to lose focus and become so distracted so very easily. The inner need they have to gain the attention they feel they deserve, due to the loss of attention they received as a child. Most children had their parents replaced by television and thus a schism was created inside them whereby now they spend their lives in search of something, not really knowing what it is they are searching for, as they have no knowledge of what was taken from them. They have no reference point. This creates a need within people to seek attention at every opportunity and not miss out on anything. They thus become very easily distracted by the slightest thing. And more often than not, to never really see the clear and present danger they may be in.


Yes indeed, everything is backwards... but are we backwards ourselves?
Have we gone that far?

Personally, I don't think so. Although, it can perhaps be said for the overall perspective held by most people in regard to themselves. Perhaps that is backwards. It is backwards in their belief that they are just little people who cannot make a difference.

People should never forget that the true fact of the matter is, that every difference that has ever happened, any change that has ever occurred, anything regarding our social, political and economic situation, indeed any change to the earth that has even been brought about by the hand of man, ever... Ultimately first came from the spark of an idea that was born within the mind of a single individual. It didn’t come from someone “special”, it was just a man or woman who had an idea. An idea that resonated with others. They were just a 'little person'…like you. We have been taught to forget that, to believe that ideas will come yes, but never from you. Never from us. They will always come from someone “more important”.

But that my friends, is a lie.

Each one of us holds this potential and each one of us can bring about change. The problems we have been facing within the ranks of the independent media and activist circles is the all or nothing mentality many people are promoting. The concept that we must attain instant freedom, on all levels, immediately, is simply not a realistic way of addressing things. Nor is it a goal that is in any way possible of achieving. There has been a series of steps that have brought mankind to this point, this crossroads if you will, and what is needed is a way of reversing the sequence; something that will stop the system progressing further and at least bring us to a point of safety whereby we can regroup and discover what the effective pathway to real freedom is. All that is needed is to have the right idea.


George Orwell once said: "If you wish to see a vision of the future, imagine a boot stomping on a human face, forever."

The choice of whether we wish to avoid that future is now upon us.

People may call me paranoid for even saying such a thing and label me a fear monger but the reality is that the bells of warning have been tolling for a long time. With the roll-out of 5G, the IoT, and the very real prospect of a social crediting system whereby any "politically incorrect" thinking will see people placed into the category of "undesirable" and criminalized by default, we are now in a situation of clear and present danger.

Regardless of what any Politicians may be doing, in any country, 5G, the Smart Grid and Social Crediting underlies it all. And such a smart grid, IS the New World Order.

Make no mistake in that.

Ultimately whatever the remedy turns out to be, nothing will ever work until we are prepared to face the stark and obvious truth, that all that exists here within our civilization is people. Our problems stem from the fact that we have allowed and are continuing to allow people we entrust with positions of management to wage endless wars, destroy and pollute our habitats and strip us of our rights, our dignity and our freedom, simply because they write things down on paper and call it “law”. It is time we created and implemented the means to peacefully, lawfully and effectively remove ourselves from this farce, and to hold those responsible for it accountable for their actions. Should we fail to rise to this occasion and do so, then the responsibility for this mess cannot any longer be shifted onto the ruling Kakistocracy, because now that we see it, if we fail to rise to this challenge, then the blame lays entirely with ourselves.

Freedom is close, almost at our very fingertips - and yet so is the ultimate tyranny. Which is it we will choose to reach out and grasp?

If this world and the life and beauty it contains is as precious to you as it is to me, please consider commenting and ReSteeming and sharing this message.

In Lak'ech

Max Igan


Motion graphics by George Redhawk

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Highly rEsteemed!

Exactly the kind of commentary I've been waiting for.



I am so stealing your meme BroStar Frank!!!...Mwuah...<3 <3 <3


I used it too! When i shared this post on fb💜




Excellent work, Max! Glad to see you on steemit. You are a must follow!


Much appreciated, thank you :)

You rock so much Max, thank you for persisting through all of these years in sharing your knowledge and bringing logic, and courage to your listeners/readers. I'm so grateful you are on the blockchain, this is what we need here! I look forward to the day when the majority realizes their true worth, their true power. We will laugh at how we used to believe we were too little to make a difference.


Hey Lynds 💖 thanks for connecting me with Max!!


Back at you Lyndsay.
We can DO this!

I truly hope that you are right about that there still is a chance for change.
When I look at the masses begging for and even demanding the removal of their rights I have little hope. Decades of fluoridation and social engineering are now paying off big time. I don't think this people will wake up as long as they still have a beer in the fridge. But you are right, we have to stay positive and do the right thing, even if it is against all odds. Thank you for being an inspiration.


We can do this brother.
We can.
We just have get motivated enough to stand up and do it.

much love brother

Immense Gratitude once again KnightStar Max for your erudite perspective on the shitstorm humanity is facing. I am sure when Einstein said, "The world will not be destroyed by people who do evil but by those who watch and do nothing." he was talking about exactly the same people and exactly the same things you have written about so eloquently yet again. I, for one, will not stop talking, sharing information, writing, and making videos, or interviewing you for that matter! I incarnated and my entire life's experiences have prepared me for this war of Armageddon. This Rainbow Warrior GodDess will cry and sing and dance and do whatever it takes to inspire humanity to find the courage to open their eyes, hearts, and minds to the truth because not only do we have unnecessary wars, enslavement, abuse, and suppression to overcome...but we haven't even seen the possibilities of who we truly are, what our true history is, and what we are really capable of which is magickal beyond most people's current imagination and beliefs. When all the outside possibilities are too limited and ugly there is nowhere to go but inside so our current toxic environment is a ripe petri dish for internal conscious empowerment. Let's collectively come together, co-create sustainable solutions, and embrace a whole new Multiversal perspective of being immortal co-creator GodDesses as we were intended!!! The playing small and slave thing was a fun contrast to it but I am soooooooo over it...Huge Huggies...Lisa


Whoa Lisa - I had to follow you after reading THAT message :) Love to you!


Thanks Lisa. back at you all the way. :)

I did not know you were on Steemit i have been following you on Facebook for a while now, upvoted and followed.


many thanks moe

Hi Max! I did not realize you were back here writing. Great to see and it looks like you are doing well too. Bravo. I'll make sure I drop by more often now. You know me best as 'rob in the page family', although here I've been using my spirit name instead. Peace to you brother. Keep writing and sharing!


Awesome to see you here Rob, and many thanks for the supportive words you always offer me. I will follow you here :)

I know you and me Max, and so many others, are the change. It's beautiful! It's good!! It's unstoppable. Nice to meet you too!! 💜✌


Its my pleasure Jill :)

Most articulate, well put together and compelling post I've ever read. Everyone should read this, and use it as a reference in the future as a great manifesto. I was more than happy to resteem, and if possible will also post to FB. Bravo!


Many thanks for your support and for such a wonderful comment Nicole.

This message sure resonates with me.
And yes! I'm definitely gonna share it. Thanks for this.

Are you on facebook? Cos you're worth following


many thanks and yes, I have 2 facebook accounts and a couple of groups.

This is a very comprehensive piece on current events. What are your solutions?

How do these sound? We need to stop allowing google to index our work. Reform laws allowing the collection of our data - internationally. Be rid of unnecessarily long "Terms of Service" agreements that blatantly abuse our trust with endless, constantly changing pages of legal-speak. Break up the worst social media offenders sabotaging our free speech. Un-elect the "poor-performers" in gov't. Implement a system of deregulating the industry of lawyers and insider politicians who write laws that make them rich, while robbing the citizens blind. And most importantly, IF ANY WAR MUST BE FOUGHT, demand that the war-hawks be on the front-lines. They can substitute their sons and daughters - or in the name of equality - their wives or cuck-husbands.

Also, we need a true alternative to Youtube that's available on all Smart TV's and streaming devices.

Thank you for this heartfelt article. I feel you man, but there is purpose in all this, as hard to believe as it seems. Enjoy the world and let's make it better, one soul at a time.


many thanks for taking the time out to read it.

Max nice job u did here


Thank you Jose.
Please share the message

Max, I had to drop in and let you know about these people. (This site has nothing to do with me - disclaimer etc):


These guys have been crowdfunded to build (and are building, successfully it seems with an international and family/community team) a free energy machine - from Morocco. As scientists, they are well on the 5G probs and are talking about how it works, how to protect yourselves against it etc. They are sterling examples of people who are walking the walk......there may be hope for us yet.


Thanx fro sharing SiStar GodDess handmaiden...There's a legion of us here...we've all just been too busy to find each...<3 <3 <3


cool, thanks. I'll check it out

Wow i really enjoyed that post keep up the good work 👏😎


Many thanks for taking the time to read. Please share the message to others if it resonates with you.
We can do this.


Thank you and I will tell my friends

Yet again KnightStar Max another erudite delineation on the pathetic state of affairs here on Planet Earth. I swear I posted a long comment earlier but it isn't here so I will round 2 it! I can promise you that I know I incarnated for this Armageddon War and that I am personally going to not stop talking, singing, dancing, writing poetry or articles, or making videos until the world wake's up from their lackadaisical slumber no matter how much of a social pariah or outcast I become. I must say it is changing and I am finding many more people open to my off-color cracks and comments about United Police States and the New World Whoreder...I incarnated to play Lisa, a Rainbow Warrior Goddess, and I adore you, salute you, and want to let you know all your writing and speaking are NOT in vain...You are Loved and appreciated my Dear BroStar Max!!!...<3 <3 <3


Many thanks, And I see your earlier comment further up the list ;)

With all these challenges in front of us im somewhat stuck at the challenge of how to best and most effectivly convey these issues clearly to the ost people so that it can be understood, what the situation actually is.

I guess i asume it to be easyer to understand then it is. And that it takes longer then id like to, to deliver understanding. But it, should, be easyer when one deals in truth then in lies. But sometimes i wonder if that is as true as i believe it to be. As it does not alwasy appear to be so.

Lets all do what we can, the best we can with what time we choose to use on what we do. And learn as much as we can while doing it.


share information as much as you can. its all out there. Share this post, share my radio shows, share the work of others, that which you can find to be truthful and empowering.... every word you spread makes a difference, never consider any effort too small.

Just got the time to read this.

The "distractions" is a very real problem.

Keep it up Max.


Until the wheels fall off brother...

Time to wake up and see the truth.

Upvoted, resteemed and shared to 7000 on twitter btw... As I always do with your YouTube content mate.. Love you Max, keep on brother, it's coming...


Thank you brother

Silent weapons for quiet wars. Straight up, it is social engineering.
I had a conversation with my old lecturer today and I brought up some of these points - as well as the indoctrination and disintegration of the family unit. He told me that he would try and spread the information into the school he worked for. Hopefully one small ripple that could lead to changes in my local community, and possibly further afield. Let's hope that the 5G menace is nipped in the backside before it gets a chance to take off!


That is a very positive sign.

We are nothing but sheeple in the world, we have to wake up and take back control of our minds and thoughts.
I have written similar content, if you want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes, go HERE.
You not believe the depth of what mankind has done.


People are waking up man! The storm wave is incoming! I talk with everyone i can or at least i try to open their mind to other possibilities. Some people even are discussing with each other about things, that are happening now. Some choose to think for themselves, others are jailed in fear, and the leftovers just don't give a shit..
When people will wake up collectively, no one will stop them, no one! The storm is incoming, my friend, the big mo****ing storm that humanity have never seen before!


I Love your attitude, next step....your blog :-)

"And now we’re supposed to go back to our normal lives. That’s what people do. They have these amazing experiences with another person, and then they just go home and clean the bathroom or whatever."

Brother you
I am very fond of photography and I am very excited that you have to post it in ours like this. Another thing you love is that I'm interested in you @biplob0136

So many topics you overwhelm me in making a response. So I'll start with something different. My avenues in Panama of all places to sell Crypto for cash are being plugged 1 by one. I'm trying to get some traction on creating a site where we can meet like Localbitcoins to buy/sell steem/sbd among ourselves. Only steemit.com accounts can enter.
This is a great solution from steem-->Exchange-->BTC-->Buyer. All these steps incur fees. Maybe an escrow service is included to protect both parties?
I just got very lucky and found someone buying steem so we both made out beautifully. Sold at today's rate with Zero fees involved. A 360 Win :-)
He would of had to buy BTC-->Exchange-->withdraw to steemit, Not instant or cheap. The very last time I moved BTC..23 BTM was sent and only 11 BTM arrived after miner fees! I gave up on Bitcoin at that moment but am still forced to purchase in exchange to convert to other coins?
Sorry, but I no longer trust coins that just a few mining operation control the larger share of. Too much like a Central bank to me. It was never meant to be this way but you never get something right on the first try.
A steem/sbd exchange is a natural solution in my eyes.
Central exchanges go down, get hacked or just close and loose Millions of our coins. plus are reguladed to death.
Here is My first attempt at making it happen. The walls are closing in and it's time to counter punch.
Thanks for your time.
I almost forgot, you mentioned in a youtube you have a link to download all your shows, could you please send the link to me.
Thanks Again


All the shows are archived on my website and you will find a link near the top of this page to a third party site who has each year archived in single zip files.


This is perfect, Thank you so much.


Thanks so much, I have a slow connection and your website is ummm bandwidth intensive LOL
I've been a truther since the morning sept11/01 when my girlfriend woke me up in out Vega hotel room to watch the show. I called BS in within minutes and realized just how bold these pricks really were. And the reasearch began. Life has been a bad Twilight Zone episode ever since. No changing this channel till it ends, one way or the other?
Thanks for doing your part.
You have the best pictures and meme's plus your writing is superb, may I quote you and share your pictures freely?


feel free to share any of my written or video stuff brother, as much as you like. The pics, some of them are just random stuff I dig up from all over and credit, so I leave that to you


Thanks max, I just finished another exhausting blog and decided I would leave Philosophical blogs to the masters like yourself. You could sum up my entire blog with a single paragraph. LOL
So while I do see the walls closing in on all sides like so few do. Blogging gets me nowhere but frustrated and tired. I'll stick mostly to the spoken word from now on with such topics.
fear not, I'm not fading away nor giving in and have been spreading the word for many years. I'm happy now that I have yet another person in my information arsenal to share ( that's you dude ) and will in time work my way through all of your podcasts as downloading permits.
Thanks for all you do.

Ok so this is the way it is Max - what do we do about it? Government cannot be relied upon. Maybe it was pure laziness on the people's part that brought such a ridiculous notion in the first place. I don't wish to hurt anyone's feelings but government is not the problem. There is something more underlying it. It is patriarchy and blind adherence to it in my view. This is so stark a reality to me that it pains me to see even intelligent men deny it. Women say nothing - women have other problems but it isn't rampaging the earth and destroying everything in sight. Now please understand that I am not saying or even suggesting that all men are the problem. This is a common misinterpretation that comes from entitlement itself. Instead of curiosity on a different way of seeing things, I get shot down for saying this. Which makes me feel like I'm alone in the wilderness. But that's my problem. What I want to address is that it's so much longer than a few generations. It goes back centuries, maybe thousands of years. That we do not know because history has been hidden. The way out of it? Well it's right at our fingertips - we have everything we need to get out of this but nobody really wants to get out of it. Because most people are scared and lazy and looking for someone to come along and do everything for them, to think for them. We emerge from this horror by including everybody's opinion and develop a system for organizing what the 80% of the people think and implementing their wishes, but only after all discussions have been expressed. With the internet and so many other technologies, we can totally uproot this insane uncivilized-ation and bring forth a new blossoming.