Continuing the Pursuit of Freedom

in life •  11 months ago 

This weeks episode of Surviving the Matrix. Please share.

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Always love your shows. I find nuggets of inspiration that help keep my classes fresh. Looking forward to this one. Take good care @maxigan 💕🌅🎶

As always full of truths and common sense that just gets blinded to the masses but the propaganda. I particularly like the pion of there only being war due to government blindingly obvious but overlooked. I using this quote for the week as much as I can 💯🐒

  ·  11 months ago (edited)

I think that one of the reasons I like these talks so much is how fearlessly and sincerely he dictates.

Max Igan's conviction is in and of itself educational valuable.

Many thanks for saying so brother.

Finger on the pulse. Stupendous Commentary Amigo.

Did someone have a bakery that went wrong? That was funny.

This is very interesting and entertaining as well @maxigan

This episode of surviving the Matrix is now a podcast on soundcloud Listen to Surviving the Matrix - Continuing The Pursuit Of Freedom... - Episode 361 On Conscious Sounds 432Hz #np on #SoundCloud

Also other Episodes can be found here Listen to Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix Podcasts On Conscious Sounds 432Hz #np on #SoundCloud

Happy New year everyone
2019 is the year of total non compliance
Love to max