A Political Puppet Show For a World Police State

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This weeks episode of Surviving the Matrix. Please share.

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Your video is blacked out and "can't be played here"... is the blockchain going down the tubes? Upvoted and resteemed for others to see.

and when you click through to YouTube to watch you get-->The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.

Certain features have been disabled for this video In response to user reports, we have disabled some features, such as comments, sharing, and suggested videos, because this video contains content that may be inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.


Was at a SOLD OUT David Icke event in Dublin last night- 5 hours non stop speaking on the control grid, 5G, Trump and other coming nasties. People are waking up for sure but are we to late.

Be the shining light in your neighborhood, present your ideas in a light hearted way, great advice!

A great insight as always things are ramping up all around us. Thankfully I finally feel people are waking in the UK . When I speak about anarchist views people don't run a mile; they agree. Still we have the fear and the it would never work scenario but people are beginning to agree the government are the problem!

In my ten year or so of being awake this is the most positive thing have appeared. The monkey is stirring 💯🐒

Max, have you come across Brien Forerster ? I just discovered him. Like yourself , he talks a lot about the time line being all wrong. He travels the world researching lost technologies. He has over 1000 videos up on Youtube.

not yet, but I will check him out

It seems Youtube didn't like that you mentioned directed energy. It's insane what is considered offensive.

very nice

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This music is for people who can't live without the "supreme" master. Enjoy
Iron Horse - Master Of Puppets

Hi Max, good show, on topic.

You've always mentioned the "Non-compliance day". While I don't think it will ever happen, I always get this feeling of hope around election time in my country because maybe, just maybe, the abstention numbers will be so high that something will happen.

Always thought about this and what would happen if on election day people simply didn't vote on a large scale. Got any thoughts on this? Do you even think this would be a "good" thing to do, to disencourage people from voting?

Would also love to hear some of your thoughts on Mark Passio's latest presentation at the Truth, Mind, Reality Conference - "Duress, Dissidents & Deadly Force".
I know you refrain from giving your personal opinion about other people's work but Passio is a friend of yours and this new presentation hits home on many levels. Would just love to get some insights from you on the same topics.
Especially since you'll be speaking at Anarchapulco, where (in my opinion) our brothers suffer a lot from what Passio talks about - "Money is the religion of most anarchists".

Much love as always and good work.

People need to exit the system.
Stop playing the game.
Stop voting,
Stop paying extortion.
Stop complying with their silly laws.
Become self sufficient - grow food, sprout sprouts, avoid supermarkets as they do not sell food.
Ask yourself, do you need to be governed by some dick head?.

The only way to win is through our pockets, example if people boycotted airports and all airlines because of TSA and customs conduct around the world. Within a short time, you would have them back down.
Of course, they may blow up a few planes, to say "see we told you, you need us". Then it needs to be back to boycott again and show no fear. We would, of course, have the airlines with us and all airline staff so it would be a great test to see if it worked. Airlines hate government just as much as we do.

I always wanted the "take a chance airline" to start up. No security no crap. Freddie Laker did it back in the 1970's but BA and Quantas killed him off (worlds first budget airline, zero Frills) but security was nothing back then.

Rich and Poor all hate government. I never met anyone who liked government, the poor do not like as they do not get enough and the rich hate government as they steal half their money.

If we all agree government is evil, then why have it? What if, as an opening shot, we all voted NONE OF THE ABOVE, handwritten across ballot form.

Maybe after the next crash people will finally awaken and totally turn against government but perhaps it's too late. by then.

Damn I'm so tired of flat earth stupidity, now explain this...

Where tha fuck is the base/bottom of this cloud??? If we live on a flat plane i should see it right?
We live on a globe and base/bottom of this cloud is below the horizon.
There I solved all your confusions flat earth community, can you all please stop being stupid. If anything you should start travel more around your world and see things for your self you will discover a lot I promise .

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