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RE: Transitions

in #life4 years ago (edited)

I was reading the "general" sentences in the voice of my morning guided meditation haha :D The ones where u use "I" were then kind of interrupting me as I always fell into the meditation mindset with the general ones :D And suddenly - BOOM, "I" :D And I was like, ooops I'm reading a post and not meditating :D

Why don't u post more often?


Yes sorry. I’m not a trained writer. I just free flow express and sometimes clean it up to have a consistent voice, but not always. Thanks for letting me know your experience. That’ll help me be more mindful of being consistent. 😊

Why don’t I post more often..? That’s a valid question with a complicated answer. I want to and I will. 👌🏼

Haha it wasn't critique :)) Just a funfact, what the reading felt like :D I liked it :D

I mean it I really appreciated you sharing how it was for you to read! Grateful

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