Lets speak baby LANGUAGE - BAD or GOOD

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 "what is that?Is that a car? what color is it? is it blue? Is it yellow? yes that's right its yellow?" This probably sounds very familiar ....as you probably recall many people when around babies speak in a high pitched or baby voice as you may call it, whatever the case is you do it without even knowing and sometimes it sound really ridiculous. Is it a bad thing? why do we do this? and shouldn't we stop??? Think of it does it really help or does a child grow to like... not knowing words pronunciation and so on...

Surprisingly this is not the case in fact by speaking to toddlers in this manner does help these little ones with vocabulary and helps them learn to pronounce the words easier. Research shows even using hand gestures and making silly faces does in fact help with baby development. So next time you find yourself with these weird voices talking to babies you helping them develop in a way so you not completely stupid for talking that way. 



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