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Welcome to our world Alexa


I want to share this story, of those jewels that we have in the desolation and the problems, life clings to anything and brings us hope that better times will come, 16 days ago was born Alexa, the granddaughter of my partner and friend @ferminsoto Many friends and family helped to cover the expenses during pregnancy and childbirth, and a very good part was obtained through steemit, thanks to the donation made by sr @dobarim, it seems that 10 sbd was not much but here in venezula implied covering a good part of the birth.

You can get more information about this donation project @dobartim post HERE

You can also join at #steemschool and talk to him directly on discord, Discord Server

Alexa was born in the Maternidad del Sur in the state of Carabobo, Venezuela. It is a public hospital only to attend births, but it lacks all the materials to give adequate attention, it had to buy gloves, injectors, towels, all the necessary supplies. the attention is free but it is bad because many people attend.

After childbirth, the baby had a fever, they were passed to minimal control and they had to do several tests, if they came out positive they could not leave the hospital. It turns out that they had an infection and they had to stay in the hospital for a week while they treated the infection, we did at least 4 more tests during the week. After several days of worries and complications, at the end of the day everything went well. alexa lives with her mother in the town of tocuyito carabobo state, venezuela.

It should be noted that it is not just about giving a donation and hoping that everything goes well, in this world there are many companies that are dedicated to humanitarian aid through charity, but for every dollar donated only a little part comes to the need, through this way I can ensure that 100% of the donation received by this means was paid in full.

I am a businessman and business owner in venezuela, I do not need steemit to survive, I came here as a way to understand business 2.0 and how to integrate with my business here in venezuela in which today there is a tremendous crisis and controls of all kinds that frustrates our growth but I realized that this tool is helping Venezuelans a lot during this crisis, and I see the potential of steemit to help them, so my main goal here at steemit is to help my Venezuelan brothers.

To help others is to help oneself, the prosperity of my neighbor is my prosperity, thinking about a better future, I must say that when I saw alexa my heart was filled with joy because I contributed to bring a baby to this world, that's why I'm still betting on steemit, I'm still investing in steemit and for the first time in a long time and broke my golden rule of investing, not investing in business that I do not understand, I must admit that I'm not quite sure about the future of the cryptomonedas, but here I am giving the opportunity because I think it does good to the most needy, so help me to help.

Detailed info about Donation.

  • During pregnancy - . 5 SBD Aprox In medicine, Source: Donation from my company.
  • Birth Day -. 23 SBD AProx in supplies, medicine, transportation, food, and some other things for the baby such as diapers, creams, bottles, etc. Source 10SBD From @dobartim post donation proyect, 5 SBD From my company. and 8 SBD people unknown to me as friends and relatives of the mother.

alexa also received clothing donations from other people from here I want to send thanks to all those heroes unknown to me.

I'm never going to get tired of thanking @dobartim, thanks.

Join us at Discord at #steemschools.
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