The Bitter Cold Arrives and Leaves Just As Quickly

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Well, it didn't get as cold as the weatherman predicted but it's still pretty darn freezing here in East Tennessee. We did get snowed in for part of the day on Tuesday and the bitter has cold kept us from leaving the house until tomorrow (Thursday). I'm glad I did all my prep work to keep us and our critters warm in the low temperatures.

9:00 AM Tuesday

To be honest, the big freeze didn't get as bad here as it did elsewhere in the US. The newscasters acted like it would be horrible snow and single digit temps. We had an inch of snow and last night it was in the 20s so not too terrible. It was an interesting weather period. The temps on Monday were nice. I was out working outside and it felt great. Then, at 7 am on Tuesday the temperatures dropped and dropped like was predicted. It snowed hard for a few hours but it all melted by 5 PM.

2:00 PM Tuesday

As I write this, it is midnight and it's 18 degrees (F) outside. The thermometer I have in my duck coop says it is 55 degrees in there so my little duckies are nice and comfortable. I did have to add a second heather to their coop today. Last night the one heater did well but then as the temperatures outside got into the 20s, the duck coop temp dropped into the 30s. Tonight it's suppose to get all the way down to 15 degrees and I feared the one heater would only be able to keep it in the 20s in there.

Inside The Duck Pen


The two heaters are small ones that were cheap to buy. One has an automatic shut off if it gets knocked over and I got specifically for the ducks. The second in a nicer heater I keep in the kitchen that I dearly miss tonight because the kitchen floor is freezing to walk on without it. Tomorrow I will bring it back in because things will warm up again.

Staring A Me Like It's My Fault It's So Cold


I let the girls out for a few minutes while I did some maintenance in their coop and they weren't too happy it was in the 20s outside. At first they were quacking and happy to see me thinking I was there to let them out so they could have some fun. Then, the door opened and they felt the icy cold air and they realized how miserable it is outside. Their swimming pool is frozen solid and the ground is icy. They wanted nothing but to go back in their coop and Cheerios. They really wanted treats so I loaded them up with some Cheerios.

I put down some fresh hay and threw Cheerios into the hay so they could root around for it and it would entertain them for a while. My ducks will do anything for Cheerios so its a great treat to train them with. I'll be glad when this bitter cold is over so I don't have to worry about them as much. I hate having two heaters in there but I don't want them or their water to freeze. Having the heaters and a small stream of water coming from the water hose in their pool giving them filtration and fresh water helps me not have to go out there as often while its so cold. I'm still not feeling good and I think another visit to the doctor is in order soon. sighs...It's been a rough winter...

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Wow... I wish it had been in the teens, here. That would have been balmy, by comparison! Nice photos, especially the snowy one. Your ducks look pretty happy with themselves, but then ducks always look happy. Have they been staying around home, or are they still going on adventures?


I had tried to comment on the last comment you left me but it disappeared. I was thinking of you and how cold its been up there. They actually closed my university in South Dakota so I know things are bad up there. I hope things warm up soon up there. Our local weatherman actually apologized because he predicted things would be worse than they actually got lol. So yeah...the super freezing weather we were suppose to get didn't happen.

The ducks are still going on adventures. The property and old barn next door are still for sale so I think it's okay for now that they going swimming down there. When the weather is warmer we're going to expand our fence to keep them home. They are fat though. I think they're finding worms and other bugs down there because they've gotten fat since they started adventuring. lol


Ah, so now we know the truth! They're escaping to make snack runs!

Fortunately, the weather's back to normal, though we're supposed to get above freezing for a couple days now. I was actually surprised they closed my university for a couple days, but the wind chill was really dangerous. I still had to walk to class at -28 on Thursday morning :-P

Hi my friend,

I think some of my comments have been disappearing too? Not sure.

I know I've kinda disappeared, I got really busy over on Whaleshares and etc.

In any case, those ducks of yours have some real personality! I had to laugh at their reaction to the cold. If only they could truly appreciate your care for them.

I enjoyed the time-stamped photos showing the sequence of the weather...

Is that a camper or trailer parked down beside the road?

Stay warm! I'm now moving on to check your more recent articles...




I haven't noticed if comments have disappeared. Between getting sick and school I've been terrible at replying to comments and super behind. I think you left me a few over in Weku I still need to reply to.

I've been sick since around Jan 7th. I went from having a breast infection to dealing with tendonitis to the breast infection coming back to having the flu. I always love getting comments from you and I'm sorry for not replying in a more timely manner.

That is a camper down the road. That's one of my neighbors. He's an older guy and sometimes the camper disappears so I assume he travels a lot. We're getting spring weather now which has been nice. The ducks are enjoying it and so have I.


"I'm sorry for not replying in a more timely manner."

Sweetie! No worries!

I understand more than completely how "life happens," so please don't ever stress over not getting back to my comments in a timely way.

I just feel very bad to hear about your health issues, and I hope to encourage you to get on a daily regime of taking some colloidal silver. And also to get some of the Flu-Ban I mentioned... (now called something else, "D-Lenolate" or some such...).

Take care, my friend, and stay well!!! :)

We got the cold, then the warm, now Friday back to 12! Talk about never being able to adjust! I got to get out of Michigan!