Uncle Sam, Switched at Birth? Have Americans Traded "Choice" for Liberty?

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About ten years ago, I was standing at the checkout at the local Walmart Hometown Market and I looked up. They had recently expanded their impulse buy offerings and the gum and mint selection was staggering. I started to count. Right there, three feet from the register, they had over sixty varieties of gum and mints.

I remember thinking, why? Why do we feel we need this many options? Do we? Over the years, I can’t count the number of people I’ve found, in that exact same store, paralyzed, as they stand, staring at a shelf of goods, trying to choose between the thirty or forty varieties of product in a given category. American’s obsession with choice has reached an almost pornographic level.

Of course it stands as a symbol of American privilege, and how out of touch we are with the rest of the world, but as a citizen, I find it much deeper and more troubling than that. I fear we have traded our birthright of self-determination, the true liberty outlined in our declaration, for choice.

When you read the words of the Declaration of Independence, and understand what it actually represented in history, it’s hard not to be moved. The idea that a people could be their own sovereign rulers was beyond rebellious, it was almost a crime against nature. It had never been done successfully.

But, it had, actually. What the Declaration of Independence declared on that July Fourth, 241 years ago, was a statement born out of self-rule to a very large degree. Here, in the colonies, the Americans had discovered, not that they wanted to be free men, but that they were, indeed born free, and in that understanding, they stood to declare that no one owned them.

I fear this is no longer true. Not only do most Americans not own themselves to any large degree, they no longer have the desire to operate self-determinate lives. We have been domesticated, switched at birth, as it were, for weak, defenseless, wards of the almighty state.

Where once walked sovereign citizens, who understood their place at the top of the political food chain, and gladly shouldered the responsibility born in that, now stand a people who make such declarations as “every person has the right to demand healthcare from their government”. We fail to remember that we are supposed to be that government.

While we debated privately, and in the public square about the wall of separation between church and state, a more important wall has been created, separating the state, from the people. It is nearly complete. Built on the mythology of America, one of the bloodiest nations in history, as the shining city on a hill, example to all, this wall doesn’t even struggle to contain us, because we built it.

Brick by brick, through years of conditioning, we have come to expect things from the government, and accept their ability to reach into our pockets at a moment’s notice, to pray the price for whatever it is. All, mind you, with no accountability for the horrendous mismanagement, and downright fraud that has become the status quo.

Where we were once proud to do things differently, in order to maintain our freedom, we now look to nations that never made that claim as our example. What happened? It seems to me that over time, as government has encroached in our lives to the point that the challenge to name a single aspect of your life that is not ruled by some form of government, cannot be met. Try it in the comments, I’ll prove you wrong, that we were not forcibly enslaved. Instead, the power brokers, subtle and crafty as they are, handed us material, as slowly, link by link, we forged our own chains, and willingly, locked ourselves in them.

And while these chains lie heavy with injustice, imminent domain run amuck, police that have no accountability even when committing heinous murders, in full view, civil asset forfeiture, crony capitalism driving prices through the roof, we don’t even notice them. In fact, like crabs, boiling in a pot, if one steps out of line and cries out, “we’re in chains” we beat them back in line with those same chains.

“Don’t you care about your fellow man?” we cry. And then we paint pictures of a savior state that will make it all better, and of course we owe our allegiance to the mighty savior. We never even pause to consider if there is another way. We keep speaking and believing as if we were free men and women, while the collars are forged and fitted, chaining us to the engine of their economic gain.

To me, nowhere has this been clearer in recent days than in the crypto market, where Uncle Sam has declared himself. Not ready to admit that we’ve been able to create money from trust, but knowing they cannot ignore $40 billion in potential taxes, they’ve declared it property! On what basis?

The formula for the blockchain was not born on American soil. It requires nothing of the American government to build, distribute, or maintain. In essence, they are like the friends of the fabled Little Red Hen, who planted corn, and no one helped, who harvested the corn, and no one helped, who ground the corn into flour, and no one helped, who rolled the flour into dough, and no one helped, but now, as the bread is coming from the oven, they declare the first slice to be theirs!

In recent years, a percentage of the population that has always existed, has been given a gift, the digital domain. In it, we were free to express our views on liberty, to educate one another and share the abuses and failures of the system, sometimes even winning small victories over the powers that be to regain some shred of liberty. But that’s changing.

Now, with a stroke of the pen, our leaders have declared our browser histories up for grabs to the highest bidder. And, while, marketing companies may have lobbied to make this happen, don’t be fooled, Uncle Sam could care less about the financial rewards, although they will take their share. They salivate, as they see that they now have access to years of our data, without the need of a court order, a search warrant, or any other pesky 4th amendment ploy. While we believed we exercised a reasonable expectation to privacy, they have declared our own homes, our desktops, the public square.

So, as I go to celebrate liberty today. It is not to honor the state as she stands, although I know she is better than many. I honor, instead, that original intent that said,

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created (born) equal, that they are endowed by their Creator (or, in their human nature) with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.

And, to be clear, I withdraw my consent to be governed from this current system and intend, with every breath in my body, to fight it’s injustices in my own life and the lives of my family, neighbors, and countrymen, until such time as true liberty is restored, if such a thing ever existed. Happy Independence Day, please, declare your own independence, without it, no national independence can ever really matter.


It's a huge state owned tax farm.
People are happily giving up Liberty for the illusion of government protection.
Not just in the US but all over the western world. The founding fathers didn't want hand outs, foreign wars or to be controlled by an 'overlord' like the British Empire. But slowly the powers that be have dragged you back in. Whether they be banks, corporations or royals they've got the folks where they want them. You guys were a beacon of freedom, the world needs that again or were all in the shit.

Giving us less choices works better. Like in 5 star restaurants, the menus fit on one side of paper, it helps eliminate indecision and makes the buying process simpler for the restaurant. We'd like to think we want a lot of choices but we're really just going to buy the grouper w/roasted rosemary potatoes again.

Or in our electoral process. They like to eliminate all possible rogue candidates through a primary process. Which is really about making sure the elite's guy and a Nato friendly, globalist friendly, Israel friendly person gets in. And with the choices, we really don't want to have to decide between 8 people. We want clear cut choices. Good guy/gal vs bad guy/gal. Easier decision. (This is why I believe all of these comic book flicks are popular now, dumbed down good/bad binary simpleton stories for "adults").

It's a catch-22. Most people honestly do not posses the critical thinking skills to handle choice let alone actual open-ended freedom @markmorrisjr.

Those kinds of critical thinking skills, like the hunting skills of a domestic dog, can only be developed in the "wild" I think we'd do just fine.

Great read, but it's the last line that says so much because...

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.

How many of us would make this pledge? The Founders recognized that they were being hunted down when they wrote this and if captured were to be hung!

I don't find that the most compelling line. I think the opening is where the power of this statement even comes from. They made this statement as a personal choice, out of the knowledge and belief that they were truly, radically, free, rather than it being something thrust upon them, as modern Americans find it.

It's easy to say what you are for, it's another to make a pledge to another person that you will back up your word, even in death.

I agree that this gave the former statement it's power. I wonder how many today would really give their lives to be truly free? I think we fear that responsibility.

Great point with everyone wanting everything from the government, as if the government has any money!

They have 300 million wallets, unfortunately, they are all in our pockets.

This is by far the best, well written article I have read thus far on Steemit...or anywhere for that matter. I, for one am with you!

Aren't choice and liberty somewhat synonymous?

I'll let you out of your cell for thirty minutes, you have a choice, yard, or commissary?

I take it you're smelling what I'm laying down? HA

Hmm... what's the geographic distribution of our Witnesses like?

Nice article :)

Thanks for sharing!

Funny, the word liberty is a nautical term for getting permission from the captain to go ashore.

Yes, but words are defined by usage, not the other way around. http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=liberty

True but in NLP there is a concept called deep process. Sometimes what we say reveals what is going on unconsciously. And how we are deceived or are deceiving others. Often words have a second meaning that those in power use.

Well, we can only speak to our own definitions, and for me, liberty means, having a captain, or not having a captain, at my volition.

Thank you for your post. I totally agree with you...
I just wrote a small post about another type of "Independence"...

Cool, thanks for the comment. I'll take a look.

I resteemed your post!
It was worthy!

Freedom to choose vs non-inclusive
an in Dem / Rep / Indp

All very important issues and ones that should be on our minds consistently these days.

yes i wish people would read and think

I don't believe that at all. It's simply that they've been conditioned to seek answers in a very narrow vein. That's not an indication of lack of intelligence, they merely don't know what they're capable of.

Their indoctrination runs deep, so deep that they are blinded to real true evidence. Refusing to accept the facts as they choose to continue in their fantasy...

Happy 4th of july to you @markrmorrisjr the intent is the way to go.

It's the only thing that makes sense, only free men can have a free nation, and it must be an act of our own free will to be a part of it, or no liberty ever really exists.

Actually "freedom" is not an unhindered right to perpetrate your will upon another.
Rather it is the the absence of true bondage as in prison walls, chains and having judgement against yourself. Freedom is not without restraint, but freedom it's self requires a certain amount of control to preserve it.

Where the hell did I say freedom meant that? And true liberty must acknowledge other's right to person, liberty and property.

Please lower your shield and sheath your sword Mr Morris;

Nowhere did I refer to you saying anything, It was just a general comment.
We need to be on guard in how we use the term "Free Will" is all...

Thanks for the instruction, but no, I don't need to be on my guard about how I use language. Been doing it for a living for a while now. And, anyone would have assumed you were talking about their article, since that's what you were commenting on. Thanks for playing. Have a great day. And no sword and shield. If I'm mad, you'll know it.

Even the greatest writers have editors and critics (persons who judges the merits of literary, artistic, or musical works, especially ones who do so professionally)...

In response to the original terminology of "free will" as correctly used by you in that an action must not be forced...

But in other context where regulation is seen as a method to steal one's freedom, as in "you have the right to express your free will" which is being promoted on a grand scale today. One should clarify the distinction between the two and that Sir is all I tried to do...

Very nice article leaving much room to think about a very important subject. I think if the average citizen would read many sources and become educated to what really goes on in everyday life then do some critical thinking it would be a beacon as to the path he should follow. The media buzz is just a distraction.

there is a distinct narrative formed by the media, corporations and government. Often, many see them as opposed to each other. I see them in collusion, allowing public dissent, in a very narrow vein that serves to keep us occupied while they continue moving the ball toward their predefined goal posts, of completing the transformation of Americans from sovereign citizens to cash cows.

Very observant Mr Morris;

A post I am soon to write addresses much of what you suspect in this post. I will expose some of the hidden devices which formulate the "shadow gov".

Some things to consider:
The Act of 1871: where our sovereignty was sold to pay the WWII debt.
Washington DC is only part of the world corporate agency holding that collateral and is not under the jurisdiction of America, our laws or our police. They are their own nation state "United States" but not of the 50 that most people presume, but of the three as their own flag has only three stars.

Watch for "Sold into Bondage" coming soon...

Um, WW2 was 1939-45, so I'm guessing your dates are a bit skewed there.

My apologies and yes you are correct, but the main point was that America was in debt. Please don't allow that little detail to distract you from the facts like the Act of 1871 or that DC is not part of America...

Wow, yeah, a century off on your facts. Not exactly giving me a lot of confidence that you're not completely as crazy as your comment makes you sound. And, D.C. is under the jurisdiction of congress, so, not sure where you're getting your information.

Sorry, got my wires crossed on the Act of 1871 and the Federal Reserve Act...

This new post on the topic I just finished is linked below if you are interested:

I am not yet perfected, but I am a work in progress getting better each day...

For comparison and credibility sake:

my error:
1871 to 1939 is actually only 68 years
.035% total scale of 1939

68 years of 100 year century is a 32% error, So if passing were to be considered the norm at 70 % your comment would have to be a fail as well.

Now can we get past our own personal faults and examine the issues at hand?

education = indoctrination
true wisdom comes from experience in life, which can not be taught.

You can only warn someone of dangers ahead, but it is up to the individual to heed or ignore...

@markrmorrisjr - What a thought presented!! Understanding the values of declaration of independence and how every citizen is expected to be a government himself is just acute... :)

It takes a real man to admit the present American crisis, which to the outer world is a super power.. glad to have read your article... :)

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Thanks for your comment. America is coming undone at the moment, our power structure is being unmasked. It remains to be seen, will we seize the opportunity and make ourselves free again, or turn around for a moment while they replace their masks and go back to our game of pretend?

I am sure with few actual thinkers around you will be able to free yourselves from what is being portrayed... The time to pretend to create ripples in this geo political world is not longer enjoyed by any of its citizen, hopefully ppl realize it soon.

With lots of love
Yashas from India

Let's hope and blessings and safety to you and yours as your own world seems to be erupting over there in a similar struggle.

Very well said!

People willingly give up freedoms for perceived protection of the government from the very things created by the government. I believe some people are beginning to wake up.

hi fren,good post you end votes you

Consider this: Few Americans can afford to lead self-determinant lives in today's America.
Sure Tiger Woods, Lebron James, Warren Buffet, Henry Kissinger, Mark Cuban, Meryl Streep and Oprah Winfrey lead self-determinant lives-of a sort; as their wealth and prestige insulates them from the daily grind, navigating the traffic at the mall, getting stuck in traffic jams, coping with flight rage and sleeping in airports etc.
The problem is that for many Americans living outside the U.S. wealth & prestige bubble there aren't many independent paths available that do not depend on some sort of government program or hand out. These programs that got woven into the American socio-economic fabric starting with Roosevelt and moving on with the arrival of mega scientific and social engineering projects.

But your comments harken back to Lincoln's Days and days before that when there was no income tax and every man wanted his rifle, 40 acres and a mule.

The good thing about the Second World War was we won it. The bad thing was embedding government coercion, planning boards, and centralized lobbying driven financial incentives.
Outside Forces Shaped this bad karma vortex too.
The cost and complexity of the atom bomb made it damn difficult to escape from centralized decision making.
Recall, The Tennessee Valley Authority had a lot of centralized government decision making driving in it and nobody complained in 1933.
More than that, the type of person who would fit in to this new social model was more often than not an organization man not a mountain man.

We do have a few mountain men left, but most of them live in red states, are partial to the survival niche or are snipers in the U.S. Army.

The organization man herd mentality still rules in big government as is illustrated by the fact that the lions share of executive positions in think tanks, big pharma, law firms, non profits and corporations is populated by Harvard grads plus the trailing Ivys.
They may be the brightest, but for sure they are not always the best.
It was not always this way.
Procedures & tax codes are too ingrained, the psychic rewards are skewed and the U.S. has lost a lot of its mojo


  1. I guess M.I.T has enough endowment to survive for two years, so why don't they try weaning themselves off of Federal Grants, DARPA and other sinecures?
  2. Why not just embargo Harvard and LSE grads from government service and see what happens?

Bullshit. Stop thinking so limited. I have not one college credit, I have eight kids.

interesting.. thanks for sharing

nice post bro, iam agree with you
i hope you can see my story too

But, it had, actually. What the Declaration of Independence declared on that July Fourth, 241 years ago, was a statement born out of self-rule to a very large degree. Here, in the colonies, the Americans had discovered, not that they wanted to be free men, but that they were, indeed born free*, and in that understanding, they stood to declare that no one owned them.

*not so much slaves and women, or natives, just the slave owning native killing white man.

Yes, baah, it was less than perfect, but the ideas of declaration, are none the less powerful. And at that time, even more than the men who wrote it had dared to dream for themselves.

It was powerful, at the time abolition was happening in England, people over here weren't considered people, the ones that declared independence had a slavery clause, there was nothing about the declaration which was "powerful" especially considering that it was because they revolted when people were most desperate, it was something of a natural movement, and the slave owners managed to land in the pockets they were trying to get away from. I don't know what they dreamed, but what it accomplished wasn't anything praise worthy, it led to the largest ethnic cleansing under the name Manifest Destiny while the country has been in a perpetual cannibalization ever since.

great article! you are in your truth and its r efreshing...