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Daily Success Quote! #20 - Rich vs. The Poor

in life •  28 days ago
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Quote Of The Day:

The Philosophy of the Rich versus the Poor is this:

The rich invest their money and spends what is left;
The poor spends their money and invest what is left.

Jim Rohn

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Hmmmm. That sound a bit arrogant but I'll let it slide. Lol


Well it's not arrogant per se nananini. When you think about it, most people spend their money first, and then save what is left, or if they are smart, invest what is left. And the people who spend everything first seldom become wealthy financially speaking..


Guess I was thinking of those who spend wisely, on necessities, and have nothing left to invest, or enjoy. Being a little defensive maybe......not always poor due to unwise choices.

Everyone interprets differently. That is why Steemit is opinions, learn from others.

I understand what he is trying to say, though.


Well that is the thing, people tend to skew these quotes and some people get defensive. Which, is okay of course you can. However, in my experience everybody I've met with money problems, didn't start with money problems but with spending problems. There are always exceptions of course, but if people don't feel the quote is about them, then they shouldn't be offended but simply ignore it because it is a general statement, not a specific one. In generality we cannot make the distinctions necessary to avoid hurting feelings of particular people, however those specific circumstances usually stand out and aren't the majority of the people.


Guess I will be sure to consider all aspects next time.

You make valid points!

No offense, just observation.