I believe in you

in life •  3 months ago

Today I believe in you much like yesterday
Today I believe in you just a little like tomorrow
You were with me
Yes I believe in you, you are my dream


I believe in you, in your words
Every day you're with me
You made me smile
Even when a tear fell from her eyes


I believe in you...

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Really i love your drawing ..my dear friend marius

What an awesome contribution to this community, and great creativity too so evident in every detail!

This is really awesome painting friend..
i believe you my dear friend...

Beautiful poem, and beautiful the art that accompanies it, resembles for me a stained glass window where that colorful pair can be seen that can be observed the words that come from the soul, very good work, that motivates us to believe, greetings that you are very bine

I believe in humanity being, in essence, by-product of creativity. Interesting pictures, and plain, thoughts-provoking poem.