Halloween; the time of the year to get creative! How to make easy deco and fun fingerfood - by @mariandavp

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When I first started celebrating Halloween in Greece, every one else thought it was one more eccentricity of mine.

In time my friends began to look forward to my annual Halloween dinner parties and luckily the Greek market caught up with the international fashion, so we could find more and more fun accessories to wear and decorate.

The thing is... The reason I like Halloween so much, is because it allows me to get creative. I love to carve my pumpkin, to create funny decorations and design the food into funny and scary faces!

Today I am going to show you a few ideas for your Halloween party, as well as photos from my actual party last Sunday!


Before you throw away, ideally recycle, those empty wine bottles, remember that you can use them to create fun and luxury decorations for both Halloween and Christmas. You should be able to paint a bit, not much really, just some simple figures. All you need are a few acrylic paintings and our favorite glitter.




One of the easiest fun decors to make are cute ghosts from empty bottles. All you need is an empty bottle, a lightbulb, some wire, tape, a white piece of cloth (I used the sleeve of an old white shirt) and a marker for designing the ghost's face.




How about this beautiful decor for your coffee table? Of course I used @sofi-m beautiful sculptures to create a complete scene


Of course, the pumpkin makes the Halloween so you have to have a Jack o'lantern. We don't go over the board with our pumpkins, we like to keep them simple and maintain their natural color. We do enhance it with some translucent gold color and/or glitter, but not too much. The only thing we did a bit different this year, is that @sofi-m craved one side and I did the other. So we got a two faced Jack...




Decorations may be necessary for a fun Halloween dinner party but what people will remember for a long time is the food. You have to get creative with your dishes if you want people to look forward to next year's event.

And it's so easy and fun to alter your cooking routine for one night. Cheese, olives, tomato sauce or ketchup, peppers and pizza dough are your basic ingredients to create pizza pumpkins, olive spiders, mummies and ghosts.

Here is a small taste of our pizzas and a pumpkin scalzone (@sofi-m idea)...




Among others, we made fun mini mummies with sausage, sweet ghost peppers filled with various cheese mixes (bacon, salami, chicken etc) and monster peppers filled with salad.





My friends brought the sweets and some of them were really in the theme :)



One of the best dressed guests of mine went a step further by buying wines within the season's spirit!


But what really makes a great dinner party is the attitude... And we all had the right one! Enjoy your Halloween people, and prepare yourselves for the true joy of the winter... CHRISTMAS TIME!





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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween @fooblic!