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"What paradise and hell is !" - in Desirable Pearls - 29

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In my "Desirable Pearls" I present, stories that have been heard, read or noticed in my life and have made a great impression on me. In every Wednesday's post I want to share with you the stories that change me.

The message of each story is different, but all have one goal.

Goodness, wisdom and patience will overcome foolishness, greediness and self-righteousness.


Once upon a time,

a great, non-intelligent samurai, he came to a small but renowned monk.

Monk, he asked, teach me what hell and paradise is!

The monk lifted his eyes to look at the mighty warrior and replied contemptuously:

Should I teach you what hell and paradise are? I could not teach you anything. You're dirty and you smell, and your razor has long been rusty. You are a shame, a slap for the samurai caste.

Get out of my sight, I hate you!

Samurai became furious. He began to shake with anger, his face turned red, he could not say a word. He drew his sword and lifted it up to kill the monk.

This is hell, "whispered the monk.

The samurai was oppressed. How much compassion and devotion was there in this man who offered his own life to teach him what hell is. He slowly dropped his sword. He felt gratitude and great peace.

"And this is paradise," the monk whispered.

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Wonderful... heaven and hell are here and now... some people are already here living in heaven or hell

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Hell and paradise question that most look for answer. I think both are inner every person. We decide what its going to be.

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We must choose, otherwise we will lose ourselves.

Thank you

Great Post 😆

So bad the monk killed

Well describe about paradise and hell along with samurai myth.


Well describe about
Paradise and hell along
With samurai myth.

                 - sheikh27

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Thank you :)

Hello friend how are you? Nice to meet you my friend. Your all post are very nice. I love it. Stay good.


I am ok. Thank you ;)

Reminds me of a PG rated version of Aesop's Fables!
Thank you for the mention, my friend! @margaretwise


You are so welcome. I am so glad you like it and have a nice memories :)

Nice story to read and something great to learn from it thanks dear for sharing it :)


You are so welcome my Dear :)

Great story! It's very good teaching and this can clearly explain "what paradise and hell is".

Thanks for sharing. ;)