Is Infowars biased?

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Is infowars biased?

I know i'm gonna ruffle a lot of feathers just by asking this question but in the interest of fairness and objective reason i believe it is necessary to examine this seemingly Independent News Network under the microscope.

Before i begin, let me give a few disclaimers. These are simply my thoughts yes , pure speculation, i will not attempt to draw any conclusions, that sacred work is left to you. I am not trying to smear Alex Jones or Infowars in anyway in fact i do believe they have done some invaluable work especially at a time when the mainstream media is all but dead.

I first came across infowars a few years ago on YouTube on The Alex Jones Channel and all i could say was WOW i was drawn in by his passionate, fiery delivery style, finally here was a man who didn't give a shit, he said what he felt no matter how outlandish or conspiratorial it sounded and to top it off he always had some kind of evidence to back it up. Then came Trump.

Lets get this straight, i don't have all the facts and i'm not saying Trump is evil, what i am saying is that there is cause for concern a few of these concerns i have listed in my previous article. Unfortunately Infowars has been completely blind to all of these issues. I get the feeling that to them he has become some sort of messiah that will save America for the globalist elite an elite he may very well be a part of. Unfortunately may of their faithful viewers seem to have fallen into the same sleep like group-think, suspending critical thinking to accept a consensus belief.

The reason for this apparent blindness i believe, is the amount of emotional investments made in the Trump presidency. i understand that it is difficult to not form an emotional connection to something you have put so much time and effort into but we must realize that this is an extremely dangerous position to be in.

It is imperative that Infowars address these concerns. As the closest thing we have left to a news outlet it is paramount for them to address the news, especially news concerning trump from a logical rather than emotional standpoint.

Just my two cents.

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Is the sun hot?

I think so too. This is the only problem i've had with InfoWars so far. Hoping they will address it soon.

Is it controlled opposition? How do you vet any source? Who do we trust anymore?

I watch Alex Jones often. Searching his show is what brought me across this article.

I guess I have to let time be my evidence for now.

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