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Some Items that I brought on my journey.


Sweet Murray Rothbard tie :)




Michael Huemer


Base Camp @ Bayou Segnette State Park


It's hot in Louisiana so I made a makeshift AC system :)

We don't talk to each other!

I believe most of this is because of the media, and creating a division between each other in the USSA. When we can come to a point of reconnection, real human progress can be made imho. I do believe I witnessed a piece of this at the rainbow gathering. Nobody was completely prepared to be self sufficient there, but the lack of preparedness meant others needed to rely on others somewhat, and reach out for support.

My number one takeaway from my entire trip. There is such a lack of communication between each other these days. I believe the depth of true change won't come from winning arguments. It comes from a place of peace within, and a willingness to take action by demonstrating a more harmonious world. I do think there is a role for political action in the current time we live in. From what I witnessed, I believe that is being attempted in the Libertarian party right now. The party is organized around a philosophy which must be found on an individual level I think.

While at the LNC, my main goal was to represent the vote for Adam Kokesh as a state delegate. I was not able to pull this off, I tried to coordinate with the campaign to fill a seat in another state. I came to the party kinda late and did not really put any credence into political action until recently. However...…...the shot to have Adam win the nomination is what attracted me to become involved. I have also recently questioned myself in this regard, people currently give weight to those whom hold these offices and thus what they say people will give some credence to.

Actions speak louder than words, I got to meet a many libertarians whom take action outside government in their communities through non-profit groups, and lead organizations to help others. One lady in a workshop goes out to help let the homeless in her community to share job opportunities in the local area (i.e. wash dishes hire on the spot) and listen to what they are struggling with other than being homeless (mostly finding work in her town). Another gentleman organized a charity to distribute warm clothing in the winter time to the homeless in Minnesota. Others have gained positions, and worked from within the government to pull back taxes and regulations within their own communities. Another big example was seeing Jim Cantrell whom is the CEO of Vector Launch Systems who gave a talk about private industry leading humanity into space exploration.


Jim Cantrell spitting knowledge and inspiration!

We are emotional beings, and this is a large portion of how we connect to each other. I believe this is where libertarians have lacked in the past but can become the bridge for communication between others. Underlying the party is, the sovereignty of the individual, with love for humanity, and non coercion/violence. To be effective.....there is a need to truly listen to others (i.e. not just waiting for the next opportunity to speak, but providing feedback to what the person just told you) and connecting with people on the emotional level through the heart along with the logical reasoning.

I also encountered this at the rainbow gathering, when I met a gentleman named Bill from Florida, and let him know I just came from the LNC in New Orleans. He told me he had a hard time with the libertarian philosophy, and he was a veteran who was happy with his socialized health care. I told him about the march for dead veterans that happened. I expressed how I wished that he could live in whatever way he chose as long as he doesn't use force against others to do so. I concluded that the only way forward is to begin communicating with each other and moving toward harmony. He appreciated the discussion, and we parted with a hug as I set up camp for the night in a site established for hammock camping.


Breaking down the overnight hammock set-up.


Participating in the morning meditation.

As I was leaving I had a chance to talk to a gentleman leaving at the same time. One of the things he said really struck me "People are just trying to figure themselves out", at the time we spoke around 400 people were arrested at the rainbow gathering.

I met some wonderful people in the liberty movement on this trip to include one of my biggest hero's Ernest Hancock who runs the website I met him from recognizing Danny Seesom from the and talking to him about seeing him featured on @lukewearechange youtube channel. I was talking to Danny about my vision of creating a prototype of an Surthrival Mark 1 emergency response trailer to include aquaponics, solar power, genset, aircrete, ham radio, atmospheric water harvester, and water catchment. As soon as I told him that he called up Ernest whom was a delegate for Arizona at the LNC. He introduced me to Earnest and we geeked out together about the idea. He asked for my information and I gave him one of my cards so he could contact me. Today his wife Donna contacted me to come on his show!

I was also able to meet and speak with @aggroed whom gave a talk on Monday evening at the LNC about how to make money on Steemit. Ernest Hancock and @adamkokesh attended and @aggroed did an amazing job explaining how Steemit is an amazing tool for building a future of peace, abundance, and liberty which is the discord he started :) Big props to @aggroed as he won over Ernest in the talk to become more involved on steemit and they agreed to appear on each others shows in the future!

It was an amazing trip which I'm still trying to process. Things are in motion, and am moving another step closer to that world of abundance I can foresee for humanity.


Thank you for your time if you gave this a read, and let me know what you think in the comments. If you liked this post Follow, Upvote, and Re-Steem to all your peeps! Much love to y'all, Let's lead by example and give more time to truly understand each other to manifest a brighter future.

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"USSA" , that cracked me up! 😂


It's funny because it's true :)

Sounds like it was a well worthwhile trip.

Have you got any more Libertarian events coming up?

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Hey Pennsif! there are elections and local events occurring. I will likely help with Elijah Boyd's campaign. He was able to get on the ballot in Alabama for a position in the state government.

So far, your blog is really awesome. There's a ton of stuff I can learn from you. We need to link up and give HSV City Council some grief then go chase it down with some greenthumb knowledge and a beer.


Thank you sir! you bet, there's a lot going on in the city council that can be brought up. If several of us can team up we can research issues and speak to the liberty side/alternatives at the meetings. Generally the council needs to be held accountable for what they are voting on.