Cone Tank Filters Plumbing Almost Complete

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Hello Steem Fam!

I picked up the rest of my materials for the plumbing on the cone tanks today. I'll have my build log up tomorrow because it got pretty dark when I wrapped everything up.

I finished up the dry fitting of the plumbing, but still need to glue everything up. I'll get that completed tomorrow and put up the next step by step post.

The bottom of the tanks are plumbed with 1&1/4" PVC with ball valves for the solids cleanouts. I'll drain off any solids and use them as fertilizer for fruit trees and soil gardening.

I'm relocating all this wood for a media bed and sump for the final stage of the system.

I still have about half the pile to move, and the metal roof.

Yours in liberty toward a brighter future,
Greg Doud @makinstuff

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What kind of wood is that? It looks extremely porous, almost like it's been mined by termites. By media bed, do you mean what plants actually grow on?


Hey @valued-customer it's mostly oak I believe. It's been sitting out for quite a while. It gets used somewhat seldom in the winter so it has lasted quite long. Yep the media bed will be filled with a river stone and plants will grow in that media.

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Oak isnt particularly porous, so my eyes do not appear to be getting better as I age.

I am confused about something. If the media bed is going to be river stone, what is the oak firewood for?

Great question, it simply needs to be moved to a new location so I can put a media bed/sump in its location.

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My confusion has been eliminated.


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