Censorship is fascism

in life •  last year


Fuck Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. All gone. 😂

Funny thing is, it takes two seconds to start a new account. Whereas, these losers trolling me will be miserable, jealous fucktards for the rest of their lives. Hahaha.


Censorship is fascism, and highly un-American. Hitler would be proud. Might I add, no one wants the truth. If it's still on corporate social media it's just ignorant bullshit approved for your consumption.


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yea i feel u man u created that though u creeate ur whole reality remeber that though whatever u create is 4 a learning experiance u can expericane anything u dream of!

heh yea i know ive got a facebook account disabled for stating the my city goverment is corrupt when everypony knows this lol

You called it!