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Hello everyone,

This time I want to introduce short but most important thing. Think do you like this or not. If not, I know you're a great person and you've great humanity.
Even in the simplest case, you think about it personally. It gives a personal meaning. A simple example would make this understandable.

"Jagath has not spoken to me yet. I am very disappointed in him."
or a
"It wasn't my own fault. If I had spent more time on it, it would have worked."

The truth is, there may be many more excuses for this. For example, Jagath may not call you back because of his illness. Or he may be out of town. Or perhaps he is busy with more priorities.

You never really know why other people do it. But you have to look at other people with complete justice.

Thank you for reading. Have a great day!

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