Why do I love the month of may? - 📸 - photo kaleidoscope

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Good day, happy people Steemians! 😊 Here has ended the month of may. At this time, I always look back with sadness. This is the most favorite month of the year. I always wait for it even more than the summer season. Because breathing in the magic aroma of blooming spring, in my head a million thoughts about travel, about romance and other pleasant things that are waiting for me ahead are born.

DSC09801 (2).JPG

I love this month for the lush greenery, wet with dew in the early morning; for the generous bright sun and may tan. I love him for this lilac. The month of may is opens the door to a Sunny summer.

DSC00371 (2).JPG

I love this time for the fact that nature has finally blossomed ; for these bright colors, for the first thunderstorms , for the multi-colored rainbow and bright sun; for the flight of butterflies and dragonflies, for the chirping of birds.

DSC00416 (2).JPG

The month of may - it is impossible not to love. It is so warm and bright, fragrant and tender; it promises and gives hope so much. I love these gardens and city squares in green outfits. I love the first young foliage and this honey meadow in the old Park.

DSC00368 (2).JPG

For me, the month of may is almost summer: summer outside and summer in my head. At this time, especially want to look beautiful and enjoy life. At this time, holidays and festivals, picnics and numerous walks to your favorite places. A riot of colors, a lot of bright colors. Nature has arranged for us an unforgettable carnival.

DSC00361 (2).JPG

The month of may - it's too beautiful. Our city is attractive in any season, but in may it is special. Boats woke up from winter sleep. And now they excite the water surface, making exciting routes through the rivers and canals, leaving only a frothy trail on the water.

DSC09891 (2).JPG

I guess I'm a hopeless romantic, but I love these short nights and surprisingly long days. I love this time for the sunlight and the tender warmth, for the fact that everything around is filled with youth and love. Enjoy every minute of Your life and stay happy!

DSC00423 (2).JPG

Location: St. Petersburg, Russia.

DSC09892 (2).JPG

Camera SONY DSC-W350

Thank you for Your attention and Your visit. I appreciate Your feedback and comments.

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May is probably my favourite month of the year too @madlenfox. I love how everything is green and fresh.

Great idea for a post! 😊


@gillianpearce, Good time.): This year may was just great for us.

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WOW! Beautiful photos with a lot of various flowers in bright colors, a lot of wonderful green trees, and magnificent view along the river!

I absolutely agree with you, the month of May in your country is very happy time indeed. These can make me feel refreshed, too. Thanks so much for sharing. ;)


I'm glad you liked my photos. I am pleased That you share with me this joy of the warm and beautiful season in our country. Thanks @tangmo


You're welcome! ;)