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"We will not learn how to live together in peace by killing each others children."
-- Jimmy Carter


Go Ahead Make My Day…

We've all heard the phrase: Humans are capable of anything.., under the right circumstances. And we've probably Dirty Harry deliver one of the most famous movie quotes ever -- "Go ahead, make my day" -- while waving around a giant pistol… In most cases, when people bring up, the capable of anything subject, it's about -- killing… Are all of us, capable of taking a life?!

Quite possibly -- YES.

And it is worse than you think… We are after all, genetically predisposed (thanks to our violent ancestors) to kill our own kind.., and at a rate of 7 times higher than all other mammals. While some are territorial, others kill for food and survival. Humans kill anytime, anywhere, for any reason -- we kill everything.., we even kill for entertainment --FOR FUCKING FUN!!!

The horrific violence, the killing that takes place on a daily basis, all over the world.., is out of fuckin' control -- people killing people! That's not to mention, all the other things we kill, because we kill it all… What could animals possibly think of humans… They must fear the shit out us -- the speed and volume we kill them at is biblical.., we wipe out whole species, to quench our thirst for blood.

But that's beside the point…

“The joy of killing! the joy of seeing killing done - these are traits of the human race
at large.”
-- Mark Twain

The rate at which.., we kill our own -- other people, our neighbors, complete strangers, our brothers and sisters, lovers too. Our parents and children, don't forget those in-laws. We kill our friends, enemies, colleagues, classmates.., and ourselves, too. We kill out of fear and a deceptive false pride. We kill because your different, if you don't look like the herd. We kill for revenge in a search for "justice." From genocide to terrorism.., and acts considered war -- we kill our own with no abandon, at all… Road rage to insults, may take your life. We'll kill our own spouse, cause we had a bad freakin' day.

Throughout our whole history, it is our brutality that separates us… And not just brutality, but slaughtering one another our defining behavior. If we were being observed by another species -- just being observed like a animals in a zoo.., they would be shitting in their pants, at how easily we kill -- relentless killers, oblivious to their violence. As far as being visited, any time soon, by one of these "advanced civilizations" -- I wouldn't count on it… Why the hell, would any "advanced beings" be stupid enough to come here -- remember.., we kill things that are different here!

Most of us consider ourselves, sane, rational, reasonable (to a point), peaceful people… But it is our violence that binds us. Our very brains love it -- the dopamine that is released during times of intense violence -- is a rush! But more than any "crime of passion" (which happen daily), we kill people.., on purpose, at a much more alarming rate… It is this, the -- learned killing that is particularly disturbing.., the violence we learn from our environment, society, governments. The violence that sneaks its way into our daily lives, that's jaded our perceptions.., and even stained our souls.

(filled body bags…)brighton2-getty.jpg

No End In Sight

War -- Genocide -- Terrorism… We will not only kill you, but we will degrade you, torture you.., and chop your fuckin' head off -- and put it on Youtube or Facebook Live. WTF?! WTF?!!! We are vicious motherfuckers. The nonchalant way we inflict such brutality is ridiculous… Justified aggression.., or being able to rationalize this horrific behavior, has become the norm. In an effort not to go completely mad, at all the acts of extreme violence.., our brains have convinced us to accept it, by justifying it…

From the moment we are born.., taken from the safety of a nice warm womb -- to a cold, overly lit room.., and some prick in a mask cracking you in the ass… To our environment -- our schools, neighborhoods and other social structures (including online ones), the unthinkable acts of violence we have experienced.., and continue to experience (any given day).., have become inextricably linked to our daily life.

If you are a teenager in todays world, in not just the United States of America, but around the world -- you have been raised in a constant state of war… Now Im no brilliant psychologist or philosopher -- but that much war, can't be healthy for all those young minds. Forced to accept the sign of the times -- drink the same kool-aide and get on with your lives…

“It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.” -- Voltaire

With all the great many advancements we have made, the giant leaps humanity has taken -- we still can't escape the primal urge to kill… Just witnessing a fight on the street, will stop you in your tracks and even give you a cheap thrill, when that first punch is delivered. A very specific excitement, that is directly connected to violence… We know it's not right.., and can even feel ashamed at the moment of pleasure it supplies. We don't want to like -- but we do!

It's obvious the answer to the $64 thousand question is -- YES!

Although we evolved (to a degree), live by a "sort of" moral code, an unsaid agreement on social behavior.., and many people live and feel safe in greater numbers than ever before -- does not mean the violence and the killing does not exist. Just because the numbers on some chart or graph have dropped a bit over the ages, does not justify the level of depravity that still remains … With all the wonderful things this world has to offer.., they all could be taken away, in an instant.., by all this senseless killing.

We all know intellectually killing is wrong.., but little has changed… The continuous wars and increased military spending dominating the field, there is no lack of the talk of war -- as images are constantly streamed (sometimes live) of horrific acts of violence from all over the world. As more and more of this cowardly, deviant behavior exposes itself to our societies, the easier it is to accept it, as the norm. And the current state of the media, turns it all into entertainment for us -- remember we kill for fun, too!

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Nice post you

kill our own kind.., and at a rate of 7 times higher than all other mammals. While some are territorial, others kill for food and survival. Humans kill anytime, anywhere, for any reason -- we kill everything.., we even kill for entertainment --FOR FUCKING FUN!!!

Not quite true. The rate comes from if we take into consideration World Wars. On a regular basis though, we are less likely to kill our counterparts. Other mammals like dolphins, whales, and cats kill for fun on a daily basis.


I get your point -- but there still dead and someone killed them...

Oh yes! We are all capable of killing. The question is what makes some people kill while others don't?


What makes you snap -- cross that line...