If You Want to Move Forward, Stay Away from This Type of Person

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Did you ever tell your circle about your goals and dreams? What was their response? was it a "yes" or a "nay?

If the answer is nay, you might want to re-think your relationship with them.

At some point in our life, we want to improve ourselves; to be better, to pursue something of our passion or to quit our bad habit. However, as we talk about it to our colleagues, friends, family, or close friends someone might be giving you a pessimistic views. Then, we will begin to notice a character in our life that can be called as the " naysayers." They are the type of person who will not hesitate to exterminate your goals and dreams. They don't want you to move forward because thousand of reasons they have. Should you listen to them? Perhaps.

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Reflecting to myself, I have been surrounded and dealing with a lot of naysayers. They often discouraged me from pursuing my dreams because their words had a huge impact on me. As a result, I would stop doing something halfway because I showed them what I did. It might not be good at first or second attempt but they already told me that my work is completely dreadful. They made it as if I should stop doing that because I had no skill at all. So I would quit. However, I only realized recently that I should not take their word seriously especially if they don't give construct criticism.

I learned to avoid talking with them about my personal goals or dreams. I stopped talking to naysayers about it because I know, they would try to squash it. My goals are my babies, they need to grow and flourish. My job is to protect my babies from harm and dangers.

Never let your dreams or goals die because someone tell you, you can't do it.

Even if you fail, you will learn ways to not fail the next time. You might want to combine your acquired skills with something else. Who knows this time it will be fruitful?

If someone is demeaning your work, think about their background. Ask yourself several questions such as : Are they experts at it? are they successful achieving their own dreams? if the answer is no, always take their words with a grain of salt and discount their opinion.

Surround yourself with others who are going through the same journey. Find mentors, reach out to people who are experts at it, be humble and be willing to learn.

If you can not avoid naysayers, ignore them when they demean about your work. If they ask your plans and goals, don't elaborate. Give them short answer or better, don't talk about it at all. However, if they manage to get into your head, remind yourself about your goals. They're just a tiny distraction.

You need to start looking forward and straight. Don't look at left of right because that's where the naysayers are. They are distraction in your life to achieve your dreams or goals.

Quit focusing on what they have to say.

Spend more time on working things you love, I am sure you will see the result.

If you, yourself is a naysayer, get a better hobby. Fix yourself. Work on your own goals and don't demean others as you wouldn't want to be treated the same.

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