Versus for fun - 2 : Pencil vs cloud

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versus for fun - 2 pencil vs cloud.jpg

Pencil vs cloud

  • Pencil spits out words, whereas clouds spit raindrops.
  • Clouds feed soil and a pencil feeds thoughts.
  • Clouds decorate the sky as pencil decorates the paper.
  • Cloud feels soft but a pencil feels hard.
  • Pencil works on top of paper as clouds stay on top of earth.
  • Clouds are more noticable during day light and to use pencil we need light as well.
  • Density of a cloud sets the density of a shadow, similarly shading on our drawing is built by how dense our sketching is.
  • Clouds look planar from below but a pencil looks like a line.
  • Pencils are widely used at schools and we learn how clouds are formed in the school.
  • A pencil is imitated by some well known digital products. Also there is a digital cloud.
  • We can use pencil in outer space but clouds dont exist there.
  • Pencil have sharp points but no sharpness appears on clouds.
  • Pencil has a core called graphite. A coud also has a core material which is water.

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Photo source 2


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