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RE: The Seed Of Life - The Principle Of Creation

in #life3 years ago

Thank you for this informative post. I am thrilled to see someone on steemit who loves sacred geometry and knows of flower of life and its ancient history. Someone you may want to research is Drunvalo. He has several books and youtube videos you can explore. ~ljl~


I have read the first book on the flower of life and am about to read the second, which needs a lot if concentration. Thanks for that, anyway <3

I have found this to be a constant and ongoing discovery. Yes, it does take some concentration, but I love it so when more of life's 'puzzle pieces' come together. I need to go back through Dru's books. There is so much information there. ~ljl~

Check out Nasim Haramein's works. Specially the lecures "Crossing the event horizon". He explains it so well.

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