Rest Day - Turn Rest Days Into Growth Days

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Your rest day isn’t necessarily a day wasted: it can be active. Find out how to fill the time and get your exercise fix!


While the temptation to workout every hour God gives you may be strong, understanding that taking a break between sessions can mean the difference between serious gains in size and strength, and plateaus that will leave you disheartened.

A day of rest and proper refuelling will help your body repair and grow muscle. If you overtrain, you’re liable to pick up silly knocks and niggles that will prevent you training for long periods, and your immune system will take a battering.
ln short. you may think you’re doing the right thing cramming in as much as possible, but it's the wrong thing to do.


A rest day isn’t just a day where you laze about and stay prone either; research suggests that there are myriad benefits to be gained from being active.
Including light exercise into your rest day will lessen delayed onset muscle soreness. can keep muscles limber and stretched, and gives your immune system a boost by preventing excess stress hormones being released into the body.

The key is to be smart with your rest. Active rest can mean sticking to light aerobic activity such as swimming, cycling or jogging. Keep it low-impact and try something you actually like doing - this way you’ll find i ' yourself in a rhythm of exercise you won't want to break.

As always, proper nutrition plays a big part in your recovery. Getting enough carbohydrate and protein into your system is vital, and will increase performance tenfold.

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